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  1. raMz

    Whats going on here??

    Omgad, so many familier faces ! :-D
  2. raMz

    Frost Hero Is Back!

    Valk - Allready a year? Wtf lol! :) WB Mate,
  3. raMz

    The Winds Of Change...

    Shauwyn Very nice to see you again mate !
  4. raMz

    Suggestions For Advertice

    Hmm let me see if i can find my guide, unless Hunter still has it? I think i resumed all the this to do, or atleast most of it.. Nah it is gone =/
  5. raMz

    The Portal At Shop/wh

    http://www.helbreathnemesis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32512 Write there!
  6. raMz

    Mass Dc/lag

    Argh annoying.. Not a great start for me :P
  7. raMz

    Mass Dc/lag

    Yup the lag/dc just startet like 15-20 min ago.. And still going on
  8. raMz

    Best Idea

    No no.. iPad !
  9. Event at CH. As far as i remember it was a TW in town, and i stood on drop .. how you get XR?
  10. Well i was happy that i got like 2-5k or how much it was.. Cause then i could buy a flamberge !!.. God that was retarded, but ok i was like 14 years old and didnt know ANYTHING about HB :P
  11. Sold XR to shop when i played HB USA when it was free..... -_-
  12. raMz

    Gm Pls Help

    Write ticket, it's as fast as possible
  13. raMz

    Bumps And Massive Lag?

    Hehe i Run 8 GB of ram and I7 Q870 :) Quadcore
  14. raMz

    Bumps And Massive Lag?

    2 gb ram? Lol ! I would buy better PC, i have 20 mbit and havent had any problems