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    Should Wednesday Be A Raid Day?

    This is fine now, raid weekends, 2 sade at week, on week theres nice fights at ml/ib :ph34r:
  2. Kattila

    Hello Nemesis :d

    Hello flying. nice to see ur doing good. LadyDevil. ( if u still remember)
  3. Kattila

    Found A Hacker

    Can rox :P- did he have dt scrolls? ... didnt see the scroll effect but just wondered...
  4. Kattila

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    jazzda ftw!
  5. Kattila

    Happy Birthday Khelben!

    happy bday khelb.
  6. Kattila

    Wanna Pvp Abaddon?

    pfa... if alot elfz
  7. Kattila

    Wanna Pvp Abaddon?

    its not ment to be bumbless and eazy
  8. Kattila

    Please Read

  9. Kattila


    happy bday tyrone :blush:
  10. Kattila

    Design The Future Helbreath Event!

    my ideas. Idea 1. As heldenian is once at week. there should be some kind of interest to play it better for some price. it could be something like Town guest. where everyone from town could join BF hunt and get rewarded by contribution ( wich isnt the only price. you get price by killing monsters wich should depend on luck. there could be Kill 5TW. 2Wyvern, 1 fw. 10hc. 15gg. 15 demon. so the price could be 30 contribution for everyone in town who accept guest from ch after winning the held. + the drops would be other price. and smaller guests like 10gg,10demon 20 ettin 2 hc ( this one could be good for smaller groups as guildhunts etc.) and the price could be 15 contribution for each guildmember + drops. So you would have 1 week time to sucseed the guest . if u cant do it. it cancels the guest. this idea could raise the interest of team work in held and hunts. and also when ppl learn to work on team the sades would be more interesting + raid days. also the town vs town events. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea 2. the Hero arena pvp event. could be once at month, ( so there could be time to get new ppl in it every event.. basically it could be a pvp event where ppl with hero items have to prove they skills. something like mage vs mages . warr vs warrs. like Warrs with 1-2 hero parts fights till theres only 1 warrior standing. and same for mages with 1-2 hero parts. then warrs with 3 heroparts would fight lms event. same with allmost fh mages. and then there could be grande finale for fullhero warrs lms. then fullheromage lms. then price could be something like 1 dye of ur choice + 4 stone of ur choice. or something like that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea 3. Guild event./ stairway to (hunting) Heaven there could be 3-5 player from ur guild in it. ( guildmaster havety be 1 of them. ) 4 missions. and team can make 4 teammember trade during event, Mission. 1: Part collecting. map: dungeon3. GM hides 20 item to dungeon lvl3. and players needs 2 find them. nakedly. so u could detect other team players and they maybe die if getting part from middle of demons. Mission 2. Naked pvp event. necks+rings / wand + weapon of ur own. no armors. winner team fights with team who got none parts or had lowest part collected. 2nd?best team fight 2nd last team etc. winners continue Mission 3. only the winners of mission2 can enter. bs armor/weapon pvp event. lms style the player who winns. hes team gets 2 point. 2nd best gets 1 point for team. ( team can stick together or play "fair" lms event on hes own) 4 best teams can enter last mission Mission 4. Each teams Guildmasters takes pvp event, with guilds items. winner team gets price winner of the event could get price. wich could be Hunt with ur guild + GM for 30 min. ( at bf )
  11. Kattila


    king playz. elguazzon mostly gm? but plays yes. trinny... :( havent seen, dunno about cody, hisoka is back i guess.
  12. Kattila


    Welcome back snatch. dun know if u still remember - LadyDevil -
  13. Kattila

    Coming Summer 2008

    u need 2 collect items wich hunter decides. its fun. great event coming!