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  1. to HBStormBringer 3 Already >_> dafuq
  2. Divine

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    From 66 to 84. -_-
  3. Divine

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    Move it to Bozeman Montana, don't ask why.
  4. Divine

    2Nd Sb Drop?

    im pretty sure its that Not this time. this is 2nd SB. This server is cursed... check list again ;p
  5. Divine

    I Wonder How...

    Thanks for your response; means it could have been anyone in this particular case. Taming RoXxoXxoXorRrz
  6. Divine

    Drop List Suggestion - Changing 1St Drops

    Why change what isn't broken?
  7. Divine

    The Next Big Update, What Do You Want?

    This. Use TrueSkill too and include ELO ratings. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/trueskill/
  8. Divine

    I Wonder How...

    are you implying that the GM's are abusing there powers? 2030 for you!! By looking at that ss seems like you didn't quit, you changed towns. "I'm not even mad I'm just curious and helpful." L2Read I can play any town I want. Just for the record I play about 1/100th of the time I used to play; due to a demanding work schedule. Yea whoring ain't such a bad thing after all. I didn't ever lose a 1v1 in Oly but since I let players on my acc; well there goes my record -`_`-
  9. Divine

    I Wonder How...

    http://www.helbreathnemesis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34552 How did those WW's attack him through invis? Were they Tamed? If they were, by who? Can you tame WW's then /tgt enemies? If you want to further your investigation you may want to check DragonGM for taming %'s. Unrelated picture: I'm not even mad I'm just curious and helpful.
  10. Divine

    Usuck's Wh

    let me +5 that DE :p
  11. Divine

    Junk For Trade

    only good item is ms20 xp20
  12. It pertains to a character named "i".
  13. Divine

    Dark Executor+1

  14. Divine

    Nizzie Wand Drop