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    Unable To Enter The Game

    hiya all since the start of the server i cant play... when im opening the auto updater everything goes smoth and when its about to start the helgame isnt responding i cant even take at print screen... maked it work like 3 times no idea how restarted pc only.. any1 plz help
  2. IcyMage

    Helgame Dont Start :s:s

    after i clicking auto update and its running all the files... the game is about to start but get stucked its happend every time i cant even take a print screen plz help me..
  3. IcyMage

    Chasers Recruiting

    blah dont forget me !:D
  4. IcyMage


    Hey all thought about new idea for helbreath If any 1 here played wow do he know what I'm talking about For the others that don't know it's a mixed fight between ares and elv team vs team 10x10 or 5x5 And the fight each other in games like capture the flag or destroy the relic The prize for the winning team will be contribution ofc they won't get ek for it Also though about using contribution as a source to get items/gold items as stones spgp invi pot Mmm I need to realy thing about it but how you thing the base idea is ?
  5. plx help i trying to install nemsis at my 2nd computer and i cant make it work after i use the auto update its showing like its about to start but wont start i can add pic cuz my print sceen aint working :S
  6. IcyMage

    No Gems!

    hey guys its not a suggestion but i would love to see the new helbreath nemesis as same server. like old time. all the new server(olimpya an legion ) trying to improve hb so much by new icons/gems and more shits its kinda destroyed the fun of old hb. my opinion is dont destroy the old hb by trying to improve it so much keep it like old times. thx. IcyMage
  7. IcyMage

    Player's Opinion: Nemesis 3 And Buffs

    hmm, Civilian till lvl MAX will sure help this mechanics.
  8. mmmmm alright and elite scamed me... and gms didnt do anything about it. my gbh got deleted. sold hero robe to shop :P i didnt get decent drop since i came back to play neme.... did like 60 + majs.. gms hate me. every town think i m another town spy. * ICY PLAY ONLY ELV* naggs getting ban with all my items. (twice) mmm no1 trust me :P and honestly i didnt do anything to anyone neverrrrrrrrr :S ABFASIJFJKADFADJLFKFADF icy suffer from bad luck icy win!! kkthxbye.
  9. IcyMage

    Quest Upgrade :)

    mmmmmmmmmmm hi all :) glad to say i have like 150 + quests ready hahaha been thinking alot :> how much u need white ?
  10. IcyMage

    Make Getting Contribution Less Inconvenient

    +1 already though about it on my idea about quest :P i got like 120 + quest typed in my computer :P need to show them to white
  11. Got scammd like 15 times.. never got a better item than mp 42 chain W in my hb career.. (10 years) Aealy ^^^
  12. IcyMage


    okie just thinking of ideas delete topic plx :)
  13. IcyMage


    nono i dont want to mix classes though about making new stats and shits for the hunter. Wisdom and Int and DEx and str will be his main part he will need 104 str for full swing at any bow :P 112 int for amp :P wisdon for mana regen and dmg and ofc dex to hit better :P mmm and not "Bow of Ice Elemental" "Ice Arrow" freeze guy for 2 second :P or "Ice Attack" new kind of spele which cast time is 1 s and its shoot an arrow to a person and its freeze him for 5 s im not sure if huner should get amp maybe just 59 str for amp zerk and pfm mmm i can think of it alot more i can give u full idea in 3 days need alot of thinking are u want it white ? :P
  14. IcyMage


    its for the new update of server and no doubt its will make ppls come here :S new class for each town an Hunter class with this taming ability specialize it only for hunter class so they can tame mobs for tanking and etc... after he tame some mobs he can control his beast he can choose if he want his beast tanker or fighter... and he can choose alot of beast ofc u guys need to upgrade best defence so ppls want kill his beast fast :P and he cant tame an tw that hit 120 :S he can tame lets say stalker then hit 20 25 his wpns will be bow... ofc will be important to add more bow :) which give alot dmg and there will be alot of arrow kind which he can equip to his bow poison arrows fire arrows ice arrows ( all can get from drops) which got dmg and special effect mmmm and i dont know if gms can make it but make archer with spells like a mage lets say he got his own bufs thats give him def and healing and ofc power spells like Fire Attack which can be used any 15 sec that give his attack more dmg instead of crits :P mmm thats just the idea if gms will like it i can upgrade it... think for new wpn new spells... each offect for diffrent beast whats his stats look like mmm well thats it :P sry for bad inglish im stupid jew :o Cya hope its a good idea