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  1. Stang

    Whats going on here??

    Been here to long and yet not long enough 😉
  2. Stang

    Who’s coming back

    Ill check it out
  3. Stang

    Video Settings

    ok so i did it on my screen. You have 2 go through the setting on your monitor I clicked menu, image, then aspect control. Take it off of full, might have 2 be in game while u do it
  4. Stang

    Video Settings

    ya im trying 2 figure out how to make it not widescreen view as well
  5. Stang

    Let Get This Party Going

    Guess ill be playing some more Hb soon.
  6. Stang

    $"trade Wrigley"$

    $ince you connot $ell thing$ on forum i am of cour$e "Trading" Wrigley. DK15 Mage with Ice $torm, 112 Ek$ with Hero Cap. PM with Offer$
  7. Stang

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    i agree to this somewhat.
  8. Stang

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    good, pl raiders are what ruin the game. They stay in pl don't leave and kill the new players that just want exp.
  9. Stang

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    i just want lvling to be 10X faster than it is now. Its 2013, no one wants 2 lvl on helbreath.
  10. Stang


    how do you keep knowing about these updates, ive never heard shit about burning.
  11. Stang

    Summons In Pits Around Town....

    ur 140+, get out of orc and go skelly
  12. Stang

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    how do I do this test?
  13. Stang

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    Thanks for the improvements farjat. As mentioned above, where will it be hosted?
  14. Stang

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    shoot me!