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    Sleep Looks Fantastic

    1 Question, does Medusa necklace work against SLeep??
  2. Dark1

    Zem Rarerity

    I think Zem is wayyy too cheap and commen. People fight without being scared of dying cause they have 200 of them. Think its a shame that some people are sloppy and laugh you in the face when you fight. To make zems more rare as it should be, would also bring the game and skill level to a different level, not to think about people would pull themselves together to hunt more>more raiding. With that said, I think zems could be more usefull in trades too. Im I way offf? Fail+1? Or what do you think?
  3. Dark1

    Zem Rarerity

    Noob is for fun :). And seems like all likes the same current level of zems. So no point in going further here. And please Mayn, doesnt get 100+ eks per week :D. Unless he kills the same 30 times
  4. Dark1

    Zem Rarerity

    Noobs. Close thread
  5. Dark1

    Zem Rarerity

    Ok Im going to work on this bit here cause this is my main concern with this idea. Ill use myself as an example. I have a 90% MA set, a decent HP set and more vit then 75% of the server (Yes its a made up figure based on the amount of silly green hammers with spikes I see in game). I dont die a lot outside of crusade. Sure I have bad days like everyone else but on the whole I dont die a lot. I have a steady income of zems via ek's and hunting. The main point here is I find more zems than I lose. Now put the shoe on the foot of a fresh level 180 with a couple of items like a MS12 and 3 pieces of MP14 armor. Those things wont make them hard to kill like my MA 90% set for example. On raid weekends they will bleed zems. They will die. Now a zem will never be worth a MS12 because of the ingredients so right there is your first set of problems: 1. Player needs to carry zem in order to use items. 2. If player cannot use items, they will just log out which decreases active players. 3. If player activity decreases eks dry up, other players loose interest. 4. If you were to make zems rarer, say for example the cost of a MS12 Necklace you would have to alter the price of M Stones and Ms10 Necks. The newer player is going to loose zems far to easily to people who have items. This server apparently aims at an exciting PVP experience, if people cant afford zems, people wont leave the WH. People wont use items. People will log and pull all day long to avoid loosing a zem. Sure its fine to make zems rare at the START of a server because the economy is new, stones are currency in this game. You cannot muck around with the currency at this stage of the server. On top of that I dont think zems will ever be 1:1 of merien stone (unless you completely *censored* with the drop system). M stones are the backbone of a lot of items. Crafting is a HUGE part of the game which requires M stones. Actually you know what I just had an idea. Instead of altering the drop rate... alter zemstones maximum endurance from 3/3 to 2/2. They would still be as common as they are but there would be a higher demand because they go through the system faster. You dont know that, all that is speculations and theories... To be honest and what my experience with hb is, that all this wont happend if the price for zem go up.
  6. Dark1

    Zem Rarerity

    I do not agree, zem is a prize and getting someones zem gives the bragging right. My point is its too commen. Its too commen to trade it too. I think the rich and the poor will both suffer from it. I will take longer time for the richer ofcause but eventually it will hurt him too. No one said hb should be an easy game. Its too bad if the poor player gets killed and loses his ms10, or mp rec 49 shield will atleast help him make him aware and it will not be the end of the world. Hb nemesis is hb nem, but some of the fun in raiding in the old hbint was also the high possibily that someone would drop. Anyways im not saying it should be impossible to get as people make it sound in this post. It should just be as rare as Merien stone.
  7. Dark1

    Upgrading Ancient Wepons, And Strong Armor

    Every tasted the dammage of anc gis+1? I think anc is strong enough, so no from me too. The thing with upgrading to +3, I agree on that.
  8. Dark1

    Zem Rarerity

    I think its way too harsh to say 10 times worse. People would be more carefull but skilled players will still kill them even if they are more carefull. Just think its boring to get an almost worthless zem when I work really hard to kill and hunt some skilled players with high mr/ma/hp rec forinstance. Anyhow the zems value is too low, you cant even use it probally on trades. Should be atleast worth as Merien stone. Whats the fun by getting something with so little value as throphy when make a kill. People should care for pvp and survival when all the work with training, hunting is for pvp purpese.
  9. Dark1

    Bugs Bugs Bugs Help!

    clicking your bag so you dont fly. I dont know if this is a bug, but annoying when trying to fly people of drop.
  10. Dark1


    Which maps does the droprate increase affect? Is it all or some specific? Btw, any maps with higher droprate than other? Thx for info
  11. Dark1


    Thank you guys alot for the knowledge. This is hard 2 test and come by information :)
  12. Dark1


    So how do you know these clues? And the party thing, does it work if u do /createparty or is there a min. number of players needed? Thanks for good answers so far :) Btw, is there any maps where armor % are higher or is it completely random?
  13. Dark1

    Town Switchs For Donations.

    They probely do it because of people will ask why that guy has hero parts, when they havent seen the guy before.. Shouldnt really matter... 100usd for that service could cover some random peoples mistrust.
  14. Dark1

    Town Switchs For Donations.

    LOL why write the name of the people who changed it? Isnt that like the point of name changing to start with new nick?
  15. Dark1

    Monthly Ek/death Count

    ROFLCOPTER. !! That would be brilliant. I bet it would be very sad knowing the hours i actually play :D Remember when on HBint Beta days, me and my brother played from 08-24. And woke up like 6 or 7 o'clock and waited for 1 hour to the other making a move on who would turn pc on first. We only had one at the time.
  16. Dark1

    Ek Announcer

    Well i just can't resist. When you kill person 1st time: xx killed BOB 2nd xx minced BOB 3rd xx Unstoppable 6th xx Laming on :) Just like unreal turnament. Oh and if anyone named BOB, nothing bad intended ;) Post meant as fun.
  17. Dark1

    Where Are The Unicorns?

    I know that there was something wrong and too many unicorns spawned in garden so it was impossible to train. Now when i go to garden i cant seem to find any unicorns. I already ruined my reps ^_^ and some people are hunting unicorns even though the rep disadvantage but now it is nearly impossible to find unicorns. I know too many unicorns spawned before but now too little spawn if they spawn. If it is a problem to make unicorns in garden then Eternal Fields and Rocky Highland would be good places to make new unicorn home :rolleyes: Currently EF and RH isnt so usefull but a unicorn pit or unicorns spawning like they did in garden would be great.
  18. Dark1


    I have a question very important. Which character do Muismat play? xD
  19. Dark1


    first try to solo some slimes :> Slime is just crazy difficult with a party and to solo them ?? :ph34r: Second bad advise. Like the advise to Mendicrim to Recall in aresden town jojo..
  20. Dark1


    I play mage and i would choose DK+15 :) High damage and ms28 >.< I can throw alot more Earth Shock Waves hehe.. Well z wand wouldnt be bad either.
  21. Dark1

    Return The Herds

    Well everyone see's unicorns somewhere... Maybe 1 walking around alone or max 2.. The problem is that unicorns have been removed from garden, and not added somewhere else unfortanetely :( Make a breeding program for the unicorns left so that mass unicorns will spawn once again :)
  22. Dark1

    Je L'ai D?j? Vu

    I want to say something appropiate. But i dont got anything to say hehe.. Enjoy your life :) Maybe we will meet somewhere O.^
  23. Dark1


    Well, i hope Barlogs dropped is fixed as fast as possible :) I also think that unicorns should be added again since i ruined reps and i know many ppl who wants 2 hunt them.. Since it got some spawn bug in garden then make them in EF/RH pls.
  24. Dark1

    Bans Bans And More Bans.

    Well if Ruutu didnt respond for 1 min or 5 i dont know your time span.. He was macroing since he wasnt able 2 respond to Dream.. :ph34r: Well you guys probably figured it out :)
  25. Dark1

    Bug Abuse/complaints

    I just wanted to say my post wasnt meant as a flame to what you have done farjat.. Since i respect what you have and are doing for the server.. Well anyways my post was what i thought could be done.. Regarding SLYONE.. I thinks its a bit much he also have medusa neck.. Since he can make super hp pots he is almost impossible to kill now.. Kinda lost the point of free ek..