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  1. Boots of the coward.



    Activation item, boots obviously, grants you a instant recall once in a 20 min.

    Looks like ordinary boots but are pink colour.

    drops from ogre/ww



    Cape of the arcmage


    Grants you a unlimited mana for 2min once in 30min, activation item.

    looks like old cape but is _pure_ white coloured.

    drops from tw/unicorn/aba



    Howlin' Wind


    A necklace which increases your weapons attack speed. Passive, for example you have battle hammer, necklace will change your attack speed to like long sword's.

    Looks like IP-nec.

    Drops from HC/TW/demon/uni



    Ring of Betray


    Ring which changes your faction and name temporarily for 60min. For example, you are elvine, use the ring and you will become aresden for 60min, you get new random name so u wont be regonized. The effect wears out in 60min or when u kill aresden player, u wont get crim count, but EK. If aresden OR elvine kills you while in betrayform, you give ek's to both faction, but wont be able to get EK if u are elv, and used the ring, and then kill elv, instead you get crim count.

    Activation item, usable once in 24/hours.

    Drops from Darkelf(low drop%)

  2. Okay, i've been hunting frosts like forever now, what bugs me is i keep getting pretty much the same kinda stuff (ip neck, ie sword, ip neck) :blush: Do rares like SB and ie neck drop less often than others?! :rolleyes:



    Lucky you, I dont even get those ip/iesword drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Valk share some of ur luck and lets go to toh :wub:

  3. this just sounds like a big whine topic on how people with no items can't get eks in pl compared against people with mass rares..


    can't get eks? make a 180, hunt items and go back to pl. simple.


    another solution? do what i did, use safe zones, numbers to your advantage, pop and disappear.


    also, when people like shmee- and mayuri are on, just log off, no need to entertain them.


    they are free eks lol


    atleast mayuri :S




    btw guys

    if u want advice you should whisper Belv

    he owned pl without any rares


    bleh! I owned Belv without any rares ;) not rly, could'nt ek her even once, but he dun got my ek oso la :>