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    What Have You Done???

    NM is correct. Just put the old formula back, and fix dk?s instead or something.
  2. Hantam


    No there is not. Btw there is suggestions page.
  3. Hantam

    Rabbits And Cats

    Delete them Plx. They are stupid as hell. Sons of satan. :ph34r:
  4. Hantam


    Why the *censored* you dont use any dots? Looks like thats written by 10 years old retard.
  5. Hantam

    My Sons Char Please Read This Notice

    Dont complain. This is her server, she can do what ever she wants. Playing such a nice server for a free should be enuff.
  6. Hantam

    Experience Test.

    I hope you dont want the old BBH back -_-; It was lame and overpowered.