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  1. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    every1 so skinny :< btw spanish wines rox
  2. Hantam

    Helbreath Economy

    che. i dun laik ur ideaz.
  3. Hantam

    Pullers Pullers Pullers.

    OWNED! gj farjat, they deserve more than week.. maybe forever?
  4. Hantam

    Apologies From Grimhild(real Owner)

    I haz bucket
  5. Hantam

    To Jaapy[gm]

    has it
  6. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    indeed, i say hello to him from u
  7. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    Me and my eternity project.. *censored*ing megasquirt I at easter :-<
  8. Hantam

    Guess Whos Back!

    again this wetback popo shows his true talents at being just retarded. Keep up the good work arg-boy.
  9. Hantam

    Guess Whos Back!

    He was being annoying cocksucker like always. "having fun" i rofled.
  10. Hantam

    Guess Whos Back!

    He was lame, he lied about downing me in "pvp" which was not true, because i havent took any 1:1 in nem2. Secondly he just spammed NOOB LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL in to global like true retard. After i pissed his shittalk, i decided to go beat crap outta him. Well, after critting him 4 times, he yesll in global "Hantam down" and rans to aresden Bs and gets recalled. This guy is total dipshit.
  11. Hantam

    Guess Whos Back!

    What is so arrogant in my sig? Is Mr-Popos behaviours ok with you? You should have seen all that shit what he talked last night. ps. I dont have anything against "argenlandia" just the players who are in it.
  12. Hantam

    Guess Whos Back!

    Mr-Popo is *censored*ing arrogant kid who should be banned from every *censored*ing server he plays. Stupid moron should stop lying and shittalk. Im not even *censored*ing amased that he is in argenlandia, have fun with that cocksucker.
  13. Hantam


    stfu shemale
  14. Hantam

    What Have You Done???

    shutup surn00bs! mages would not be immortal, if the dk armours would not be so *censored*ed up. Do you think mages are immortal in USA when they mshield & tower....erm... NO!
  15. Hantam

    Anyone Lagging Today???

    you are smart
  16. Hantam

    Alright, Lets Play A Game.

  17. Hantam

    Hope This Helps You

  18. Hantam

    What Have You Done???

    onhan tuossa uudessa formulassa omat puolensa, mutta kun on tottunut vanhaan. Noh, katellaas nyt miten tuo muutos n?kyy kunhan p??see raidaaman
  19. Hantam

    Nemesis Growing

    Rupean itsekkin sp?mmim??n suomeksi, kerta se on sallittua. valvoja paljon viive? nyt kahvi med r??ki -->
  20. Hantam

    Nemesis Growing

    onhan se iha vitun siisti? ettei n?m? vammaset lattarit tajua puhua englantia, englanniksi alotetussa topicissa. Jesjes, tappakaa ittene.
  21. Hantam

    Sade Teleport

    20 sec better imo