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  1. Hantam

    Changes In Game - Future.

    hav to run back to frost pit everytime i go eat or smoke :(
  2. Hantam

    Winners Of Design A Jack O'lantern Contest

    true true, seems very original. never seen it before hmhmhm?!?! I ROFL'D
  3. Hantam

    Design A Jack-o'lantern Contest

    garchaZol wins. flawless victory.
  4. Hantam

    Nemesis Christmas

    when do we get these updates?
  5. Hantam

    Nemesis Christmas

    always those weekly raid suggestions comes from those who already have 180 lvl, thats just plain selfish! niggs.
  6. Hantam

    Nemesis Christmas

    Music, rudy pits, santa costumes with MA ( makes some balance) lights!
  7. Hantam

    Unban Plx

    kevin frw. unban plx
  8. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    english topic. ban +1 thanks.
  9. Hantam

    Bbhs Damage

    correct, think before talking about facts whitefang
  10. Hantam

    Suggestion For Gm

    name change and town change for money also!
  11. Hantam

    Habby Birthday Dimora!

  12. Hantam

    Hi All!

    si si si! XD
  13. Hantam

    To All Players

    so u cry all day because ur being always a free ek for elvines why u think people lord MAG are hero? because of people like u Hantam great job I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hantam

    Para Calu

    si senor
  15. Hantam

    To All Players

    i usualy cry after i die in a game
  16. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    Poor kid jajajaja you sure ugly, post ss about you ok
  17. Hantam

    Bye Nemesis

  18. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    i liek sards avatar is funnyGIRL http://kuvaton.com/kuvei/funny_girl.jpg
  19. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    Garch-a-Zol is hot!!!!!!!!1111111 ps hook me up in msn and i give u itens ps2 what u wearing atm :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  20. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    hai this is mi at friday and this is how ai start mai day btw marko is best name siao la lub ya kreke <3
  21. Hantam

    About The Korean Players

    This "Korean Guild" is only fcking guild that acts like mature ppl. We all should learn from their attitude......... THOU IT ALSO CAN BE THAT THEY CANT SPEAK ENGLISH ps. farewell all, soon elqayson will bann me :<
  22. Hantam


    kurwa jebany siema
  23. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    dude, ninjas are cool! not stupid :<
  24. Hantam

    Picture Of Me (aealy/yarones)

    they compare for me, because i drink wine only beacuse i try get cheaply to drunk. Bottle of el tiempo tastest wonderful and is cheap ^^ + i dun know even a shit about wines! this is me last night after 2 bottle of el tiempo and russki vodka. totally *censored*ing hammered.