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  1. Hantam

    Josh Is Banned.

    Eldon stfu alrdy. U'r a joke.
  2. Hantam

    Rares Weopans Dmg

    dk armours are fked, thats teh reason.
  3. no shit, we alrdy knew that.
  4. 3 cyclops posted in a row! how cool is that!!!
  5. holbrath is serious business
  6. Hantam

    Change Shield Pa Calculation?!?

    Ruutu we should test this, put a mage with dk set mshield 100% tower and do 18 crit with abh or bbh and count the damage. Im pretty sure it wont be more than 300. Its *censored*ed up.
  7. Hantam

    Bring Back Old Wand Packs!

    Oh god yes! I love old wands.. wands yes, not STICKS like the new one are. Old boots were also pimp
  8. Hantam

    Best Guild

    real NoC was really good, thou he casted very fast ;>
  9. Hantam


    i want to hear opinions why to choose either of them. ive always played dex mage but since the dk armour is so strong, im thinking is it really point of gettin 50 dex.
  10. Hantam

    Best Guild

    i do like argenlandia and old oldies/STD! pretty nice teamwork..
  11. Hantam

    Hero Cape

    sry but 420MAN WAS THE PIMP.
  12. Hantam

    Hero Cape

    there was no hero set in 2.2, only cape.
  13. Hantam

    Char Pls ^^

    edited account suspended for 3 weeks for inappropriate language, insulting
  14. Hantam

    Seimentech Gone

    to get xnec or xcaliber?
  15. Hantam

    Best Pl Raiders

    Abraxas and kreke dominates
  16. Hantam

    Old Schoolers?

    secret was like best server ever! on topic, hb int beta -> hbmog -> hbu -> secret -> neme1 -> hbtest -> nem1 -> nem 2
  17. Hantam

    Design An Accessory For Helbreath

    Cat's grace - shoes 2 drop from nizie you dont leave any footsteps when running. red glowing shoes ( xelima )
  18. Hantam

    Design An Accessory For Helbreath

    Cloak of Invisibility PURE BLACK COLOUR dropped from dark elves, second drop. Activation : turns user invisibile for 1min, cannot be detected or shot with spellz
  19. Hantam

    Who's Your Favorite Gm Of 2008

    jaapy fo sho. points to farjat for not being annoying carebear.
  20. Hantam


    if i were still playing, id love to see more ogre /demon rings drops. Situation now sounds like ideal because of the advantage that mage stats against wars.
  21. Hantam

    Happy Birthday Farjat

    Dumbest post in a while. Happy bday farjat
  22. Hantam

    Kulli Maistuu

    oon tyk?nny jo pitk??n ottaa suoleen. mit? ootte mielt?? maistuisko.. :ph34r: nyt mie ujutan t?nne postin sekaan argenlandian ja flatlinersin ni kaikki suuttuu :D ek+1 hauehauehae
  23. Hantam

    Kulli Maistuu

    niin sit? pit??!