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  1. Ok, so you've all seen the title. Yes Roll Back. And yes we all know what that means. But before we let our minds carry ourselvs away on clouds of bah my eks and bah my items and bah my bahs, lets remember a simpler time. A time when we all fell in love with this game.

    I dont know about any of you, but I fell in love when i was 14 years old (international Beta). It was a warm spring day that was just itching to close in on summer, and it was that magical age when you found beer, pot, women, and kick *censored* internet games (it was like 1999; for us old enough we remember when the internet didnt exist so this was a bad *censored* game)....and i ask you who were there, what was the coolest part.

    The community.....the finding and building of core friends; who, because you all had to hunt in similar pits were always around. Before any map other than towns, middleland, and mines. And who doesnt remember the guys who figured out how to build an ES mage with war dex......it was a revalation. YOu all remember the old school fun....lol there were legends BEFORE lvl 130, and it was DOPE>

    Now i will admit, Im a hopeless romantic....and i may have been dipping into the segrams seven, a little XANAX, and some of the finest green you ever smoked, but ill be GOD DAMNED if i DO NOT MISS THOSE DAYS.

    And let me tell you something, the early days of NEM 1 AND NEM 2 were just like that. Amazing times of discovery, team building, and FUN.

    I truely feel a roll back will bring back that awsome



    NOW! Before you all FREAK OUT......ive also devised a system to keep the tru vets someone appeased......and it is admitidely open to, perhaps demanding, any and ALL interpretation and criticism; more importantly SUGGESTIONS.



    All current players get to pick these to carry over (excluding activation weapons(perhaps they are worth extra carry overs))


    X number of armors (thinking 3)

    X number of shields (thinking 2)

    X number of rings (thinking 1)

    X number of necks (thinking 1)

    x number of wepons (thinking 1)

    X number of wands (thinking 1)


    (no you cant make 15 chars to take all your stuff<will be IP checked>)



    EKS = 10% carry over


    A system like this with MASS marketing, but much more refined, could solve our problem of reseting the server to attrack HUGE numbers of players from fresh to start HB at NEM, AND keep our veteran players around to make sure we still haVE the best HB server in the world.

    Also, this style of carry over ensures that current players still strive to get not only the best items they can but as many EKS as they can as well keeping the current server active if not more so while coding is being done on the reset.

    Hey, Im just a guy who likes to haVE a good drink, smoke some good weed, and get down with some cool *censored* mofos crushing monsters together. This post will probably be laughed at, and ignored more......but I bet theres at least ONE of you out there that feels me.




    Co-GuildMaster of RAWR

    Elvine Warrior sence birth




  2. Im Thankful for lots, but for this game;


    Im glad seimitec made it

    Im glad my friend downloaded it on my comp after i told him not to

    Im glad i got to learn a lot in hb Int Beta

    Im glad i found a DEPENDABLE and FUN private server

    Im glad i met Nuts and got into Dam

    Im glad i found WUTA, my Boss, my friend

    Im glad I met all the others i did (Probably not here anymore to see this, miss you all)

    Im glad that i got to have this expreance

    Im glad to know nemesis is here, and will be.


    Happy thanksgiving all. Yrem, nice job making this post, we shoudl all remember to be thankful.


    Thank you Helbreath nemesis, All GM's, All admins, Alll players. I truely am thankfull that this world is at my fingertips, and its all Thanks to all of you. Thank You.








  3. Hey, This is Dragnon AKA bloodpax AKA Krack AKA Done


    Is there anyone out there anymore than i used to play with

    I was in RAWR with original Alright, wuta, bibix, tetu, marclorc, many more.


    If anyone is still around reply and let me know.



  4. haha yea, unfortunitly a lot of the 'downward spiral' is my fault. I was supposed to be running the guild while Wuta was tending to school...it was right at that time i had several problems (moved out from lady's house, broke both computers, work was nuts). Needless to say i did a piss poor job managing the giuld during that time and as a result it feel to peices. All the same, looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces....







    and one secret arse :)




  5. Well well well, anyone who was following my saga knows that i have been bogged down with TWO broken computers and a demanding job......well i HATE my job now and basically dont work, also I get my compture out of the shop today. All of this can only mean one thing, HELBREATH< I RISE!


    RAWR if your out there, get ahold of me


    Email = jayfrohn@yahoo.com

    AIM = jayfrohn





    Dragnon - Co-Guildmaster of Rawr ';..;'


    "There is no way but Elvine, there is no guild but Rawr"

  6. Nice theres some faces i know-bad *censored*en news my good comp shit the bed with a virus and i havent gotten it into my guy to fix yet, and this one has a new operation system on it that i know nothing about - Lynux Based UBUNTU.....so im not sure where im at but im clearly gonna have to work on this to get RAWR back up and running with the Boss.