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  1. Dragnon

    Whos Out There?

    Man, not a great response huh.
  2. Dragnon

    Cant Make A Ticket!

    Holy crap Stang is back wtf is up man hahaha you drunk
  3. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Jing[gm]

    Happy Belated Boss
  4. Dragnon

    Nemesis 1 Players

    Nem 1 = Dragnon Nem 2= Dragnon Krack Bloodpax Done
  5. Dragnon

    Server Cleanup

    nice job white, nice to see you as vigil as ever p.s. rune scape is so bad it makes me want to throw up on myself while i poo my pants
  6. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Farjat

    happy b-day farj thanks for all you do
  7. Dragnon

    Happy B-Day White[gm] !

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITE!!!!!!!!! miss all you guys hope everything is going well CONGRATZ WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dragnon

    Guild Vs Guild Pvp

    RAWR inteends to partake in Elvine. WE will have to get back to you on the Members that will be selected. (Rawr, if you are reading this and would liek to be choosen, please make post in guild forum)
  9. Dragnon

    Apocalypse Hunting

    count me in -when boss gives me the word im there
  10. Dragnon

    Some Advice For Lvling Please =3

    Gruel whcih town are you ares of elv???? Also, what is your in game name and your brothers as well Mine is Dragnon / bloodpax / Krack-- Elvine if you see me msg me and i will help you lvl
  11. Dragnon

    Put Pics :p

    hahahahahhaha look at you suckers ohh what a knee slapper
  12. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Giggles!

    happy birthday giggs
  13. Dragnon

    Server Manteinance.

    HERO: Jim Beam < Jack Daniels that is all
  14. Dragnon

    Log In

    yea wolf read farjats post man we need new client :)
  15. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Wuta

    As you guys may or may not know, Today is wutafreeks birthday. He will be out celebrating all day and night so we wont see him, but next time you do be sure to wish him your best. Thanks for everything wuta, i doubt i'd still play if it wasnt with you.
  16. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Wuta

    listin i cant be expected to work a calender what is this prison
  17. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Wuta

    ok its monday HAPPY BIRHTDAY WUTA!!!
  18. Dragnon

    Happy Birthday Wuta

  19. Dragnon


    Eyo you kno you the hotness when you aint played in a month + and they still talkin about you SNAP KID Keep Hatin i keep winnin
  20. Dragnon

    What Do You Guys Do?

    i cook at night becuase i love cooking but it doest pay the bills that well so im in sales during the day. i actually just left my position which was marketing consultive sales and am tryin for a sales manager position in the retail sector.
  21. Dragnon

    About Update. Sorry

    seriulsy guys, stay on topic plz or start another thred garch ur dead and cake what were you doing in guilderland?? guilderland blows hard
  22. Dragnon

    About Update. Sorry

    alright ill hop up to b.c. WUTA your posting but not playing lfldasjg;lah;gdfhag;lkah FJSLKHTG
  23. Dragnon

    About Update. Sorry

    think about it a while
  24. Yea its true today is my Birthday and im workin on getting old.. Thanks everyone for the good wishes i really appreciate it. hahah wuta i like the cartoon. I might not be on till late tonight cuz im bartending at my night job, but ill try to make it home intime to catch you guys. Thanks again everyone its nice to see you all really love me awwwwwwwww (puke)......: )
  25. Dragnon

    Admins Where Art Thou?

    yea try its been 2 weeks. soooooooooooooo, about that whole update thing....Yes??? Nooo???? let us know so we dont waste time waiting for something that might not come