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Hey all, here's items I'm currently trading:



MP Armors:


Strong(14%) Hauberk(W) MP+7%

Strong(21%) Hauberk(M) MP+14%


CritInc(+1%) Wings Helm(M) MP+28%



MR Armors:


Strong(14%) Hauberk(W) MR+21%

Light(16%) Hauberk(W) MR+21%


Strong(21%) Leather(M) MR+21%


Light(16%) Helm(M) MR+21% -----------> 44 Str!




Blood Rapier


Critical+5 Giant Sword REP+7 +1


Righteous Hammer HP+21%


Righteous Battle Hammer





Wood Shield DR+49% (x4)

Targe Shield DR+49%


Wood Shield MR+49% (x4)

Targe Shield MR+42%

Targe Shield MR+49%

Wood Shield MR+84%


Wood Shield HP+42% (x2)

Wood Shield HP+49% (x3)

Targe Shield HP+42%


Wood Shield MP+49%

Targe Shield MP+49% (x2)


Wood Shield PA+18%

Wood Shield PA+27%


Targe Shield MA+18%





Special(CP+3%) Magic Wand(MS20) HP+63%






Looking for War MR/HP M (No Leather or Chain, please!), and MP M (Chain/Leather are good, but No plate/horn/wings unless light!).


Also looking for FoT, BSW, MFS manuals and Ancient Hammer (156 Str) with Hit Prob 56 or higher.


Post here, PM, or whisper me in-game on Muta, wutafreek, or Jing.

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