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Trade Mp M Gear And Others For W ( No Leathers Ty)

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Sup guys,

Im looking to trade the following items below for mp W, ( no leathers ty)

Mp 42 M strong chain (49%)
Mp 42 Berk M CIC 2%+3
Mp 28 strong hoses M

I would be too happy if I could trade the above mp set for exact % but all W, too good to be true and very unlikely but im just
throwing it out there anyway as there is always a possibility.

Aside from that, the items below are for (trades only) as I dont need USD/cash or money as they call it in rl.
Also looking for mp/mr/hp/ma W

RODR- ring of dragon
df25 neck
blood axe+3
ma 30 leather W Light
int angel 7
rbh rep3+3
crit bss exp 20%
rbss hp28
margin ruby gem 81% hp16
ma 9 w chain
hp 21 chain m
mp 21 leather m
mp 21 berk m
mp 35 berk m
mr 21 chain m
mr 21 berk m
mr 21 hose m
agile baxe hp 21
magic emarald 90% 9%ma
margin diamond 95% hp 19
Strong flameberge hp91!
Mr 56 plate M end 56

light 16% dr 63 leather W

Thats all for now I guess, once again looking for MR/MA/HP/MP W!
pm me in game on Panda/Koala i will try to respond ASAP ty.

RedApple- Nem2 Style

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Im interested in:

sharp gradius rep7+3



This is what i have to offer:



MA 12 W helm



Light(20%) Leather(M) DR+56%



CritInc(+1%) Hauberk(W) MP+14%

Light(16%) Hauberk(W) MP+28%

Strong(14%) Targe Shield MP+49%

Mana Convert(3%) Leather Armor(W) MP+21%



Strong(14%) Targe Shield MR+49%

Strong(14%) Targe Shield MP+42%



Ancient(+14% endu) Battle Axe

Sharp Battle Axe REP+5

Critical+5 Battle Axe+1

Barbarian Hammer+3

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@hi T-pain but i dont need anything from the list u stated sorry.


For those who PM me, I will state it again, i am not looking to sell these items for money/CASH/USD etc..

If u think im a buyer and im just trying to hide it im not. If I am a buyer i will admit it whats the big deal :D


BUMP- Traded mp42 cic 2 berk+ 3~~~~~


LF MP/MR/MA/HP W no leathers ty

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