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Sell Items :d

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U can see in AH :


Hoses M HP 77 + Leather HP 42 M : U$S 70!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!

Light Scail Mail W MP 49 = U$S 40 VENDIDO!





Ancient(+21% endu) Giant Sword HP+21%

Ancient(+21% endu) Black Shadow Sword REP+2

Special(CP+3%) Magic Wand(MS10) HP+77%

Strong(21%) Leather(M) MP+21%

Strong(14%) Chain Hose(M) MR+21%

Strong(14%) Chain Mail(W) MR+21%

Light(16%) Chain Hose(W) HP+21%

Light(16%) Chain Hose(W)+3 MA+24%

Ring of Demon power

Ring of Mage



Se remata desde U$S100 hasta un tope de U$S150 ... Enjoy!!!

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