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Champion Is At It.. Again

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So i barely have time to play helbreath and when I do, I love knocking the teeth out of those who love to talk pointless garbage,


or is garbage of any sort.


Here I show you a Scorpion Pit / Orc Pit full hero big mouth GiiiTIn FuKEd Up SRS.


The reason why I am posting this is because this person reminds me of Senju, if you havent already seen Senju blasted to oblivion, I suggest you look at my older post.


Anyways, this was a pvp [ Not really pvp if the other team is getting raped [srs] and constantly playing with invis, shield , all that , all that.. ) with a new player by my side and a Survivor guildsman freebie who I must say impressed me, bring you this.


I'll just let you be the judge. Enjoy a good *censored* whooping.


This MIM happened a lot of times. But here is one basic mim in a fair fight




and with that MiM, led to this





Here is just a bonus add-on


Naked as the skills he possess



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More of the trashtalk prior to this xd


This is what I mean, Srs, the only way I exit wh is if he is banned?^


I just post this for the l0lz and for some sign of life in these forums


fuarrr chekkIT



And another bonus SS since you love bonuses..


racism caught and admitting to it and offending server and YE




Do him the favor and givvv Him what he wants? PS that char on dk set W is his spy..

GM'z let me know if you want more proof besides what is already in the pudding..



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Well , in neme 2 was 3 bann on argen, here i dont know why will bann.


Nicks, reason and length of bans?


Why ban now? Spanish isn't one of my languages, but isn't he calling him a nigger in one of the screens? If that's ok, <sarcasm> maybe I should start promoting Aryan pride. </sarcasm>


EDIT: Added sarcasm tags, because I think I can be banned :)

Edited by GeniuS

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Maybe it isn't offensive to GM's but since the rest of the community isnt a GM its totally okay to be racist. Right?

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