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Annoying Thing

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When i stay couple of time in menu here:[/img]


Than i write my login and pass i see something like that:[/img] After this i must start a client from my pulpit again and waiting for all dl and shit you know like checking files before go to helbreath menu so annoying :/

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Once you launch the auto updater and click start game the auto updater will validate your game files (and update if needed).

When the validation is success, the auto updater shakes hands with the server (it tells server "this client is OK to play" aka not cheating, and has latest files).

The moment it shakes hands, the updater will launch the client for you. From that moment you have 5 minutes to login.

If you don't login within 5 minutes you will get the invalid handshake message.


This 5 minutes is a security measure to ensure you're not altering the game files and to ensure that when you do decide to login, that you still have the latest files loaded.


P.S. A similar mechanic is applied when switching characters, as the client has already fully loaded the game data, the time to login again is reduced to 3 minutes.

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