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i understand the diferent time zones... but it? Its a crusade


Only 2 enemy down..


04 Mar 2014 6:45 AM X (180) xxCATxx (180) Middleland (228,200) 04 Mar 2014 6:35 AM zoolander (180) pepo (180) Aresden (255,177)


sade start Mar 4 2014 6:30 AM and end 7:19 AM 0h 49m



check last 25 crusade results in 6:30 am, only 3-4 player on lol




what happen in 49min? Maybe all players use hp tablet (?)


Consider a crusade 16/19 Server time It is the most active time =/

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es que ya esta papa los players se van nadie quiere jugar entras y somos los mismos de siempre no hay caras nuevas y los horarios que manejan el servidor no nos convienen estos el publico argento u sudaka se va a la bosta y quitea.

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