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How To Infiltrate Like A Boss 101 Part 1 Vol1 Ep1

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Well to infiltrate and dominate you must be 1. very cautious; dont let these noobs catch you slipping.

WHY well because it is very dangerious in crititcal situations like these to find free eks outside of safezones.


Now you will see in the following shots me doing my thanggg. Making all types of gains!

its quick and easy.. go in and out.


So believe in yourself and let them know whats up ahead of time..


let them know they finna get a can of whoop azz opened upon em.




Once you engage them its showtime.. You let them know SHIT JUST GOT REAL.


you make sure to hit them with the bam




and give just as good as bam as gaven to the first one, to the second on as well.. HIT THEM WITH THE SHWAM!





[[No flamatory intended]]

[[just for lols and entertainment purposes only]]


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You ate a big health potion with 2 afkers YOU DESERVE DIE hauheuehuehuheuheuhe



Now my friends the reply mentioned above is a signitism sign of ragemode quitmode angrymode


possible evenretardmode.. You guys decide , as they all relate.

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