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Trade ms10 neck for 2x dm1 neck


LF cape dr49+ plate helm dr70+M


LF cape mr49+ plate mr70+M helm mr77+M


LF shield ma24+ items ma 21+M berk plate helm cape


LF hose hp 42+M helm hp70+M


LF dex angel 12+


LF anc/sharp bh hp 42+


LF ms20 hp91




Trade shield mp91


Trade berk mr63W


Trade hose mr49+3M berk mr49M


Trade shield pa 27+2


Trade shield pa 27+2 for ma27


Trade hose mp 35W


Trade 2xsharp bh+3,sharp/anc hammer


Trade shield mr63,hp70,lagi63


Agile hammer hp56


Trade wing sp49M


Trade leather pa33W,wing pa18M


Trade hose ma9W,2xleather ma9M,berk ma9W


Trade 2xberk dr35,28,21M, horn dr21W,shield dr56,chain dr42M/dr21W, hose dr21W/35M


Trade wing mp28M,leather mp 21,7W,plate mp14W, berk mp14W, hose mp21,7W,28,2xhose mp14M,horn mp14W


Trade 2xwing mr21M,horn mr28M,2xplate mr21M,chain mr35M/mr42,21W, berk mr 28,21M/mr56,21W, leather mr 28,21M, hose mr21M/mr28,21W,leather mr35W


Trade 2xleather hp28,14M, plate hp14,7W, hose hp7M,berk hp21M/hp7W,horn hp7W


Trade ms20 exp and ms20 hp49


Trade hose ma9W for berk ma9M


Trade horn dr21W for M


Sell/trade for stones - berk sp49M, llf flam,anc flam hp21,anc gs hp21,m.shield, agile flam exp, 2xcrit gis, agile bss,agile gis,agile b axe, ms10 hp77,63,shield mr56,49/mp42/hp42,row,scimitar pd55, rapier pd60,50, esterk pd55 hp21, ms10 exp, df10,rm10,ms20 cp18, right gs cad7,flam pd50 cad1,agile gs hp84,right gs hp56,fire prot neck,ms20 cp27


Buy DM+1 ms10 necks meriens xelimas zems


Trade xelimas and zems for meriens


Trade zems for xelimas


Looking For high hp mr ma M,shield ma24+, DM+2,3,4,5


PM or /to Senju in game

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On top of the Nemesis Rules you're not allowed to trade items for cash (real money) or nemesis currency in the forums.

You must use the Auction House for this on the main website:


Breaking this rule can result in a punishment ranging from a forum post removal to even an in-game permanent ban.

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