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Lowering The Alchemy Requirement For Ogre Pots

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Some maps have nothing worth taming, but I'd really like to use my tamer full time in a way that players currently cannot.


If ogre pots were lowered to 50% alchemy, you could cook some up and have them at hand in a pinch.


Of course this has the drawback of all pots, you must sacrifice some of your bag space, and once used its gone - so you must use it wisely.


Ogre's wouldn't be overpowered if made more available as pots: only someone caught by surprise can suffer, they are easily killed by blizz or hitting, and the max you can have is 5; so it's nearly impossible to get swamped in them. A tamer curently only needs to have 50% taming to control them with taming, which makes sense as they are a medium difficulty monster, so bringing alchemy into line would be more logical.


At the moment, all of the summon pots are at the top end of alchemy. Making 1 pot available to mid range alchemy would be better for character diversity, and ogre meats are quite rare already so they cannot flood the server once the change is made.


The timeline for this change could be very short, it requires almost no code development and could easily be in the next update if it meets with community and staff approval.


Please let me know what you think about this change and if you have more information I haven't mentioned here please include it in your reply.



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When demon, unicorn and WW pots were introduced the ogre potion was lowered from 100% requirement to an 80% requirement.


You cannot compare taming to alchemy in this case as taming has the difficulty to find the ogre and then it takes you come minutes to tame a full 5 of them. And from that point you need to lure them along to attack your opponent. While if you have the pots in your bag, you pop them instantly and have 5 on your side anywhere you desire with almost no effort.

Therefore the alchemy potion should be higher as you gain a major advantage vs taming, so it should be harder to obtain these pots in the first place (due to the advantage).

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