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What About Bringing Nem 2 Back Then Add The Eventual Update?

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Anyway to make change it to nemesis 2 without a wipe? then later update it to include whatever was in the plan for 6.0?


Just throwing some things out there. I never played nem 2 but it sounds like people loved it.




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There is technically no difference between neme 2 at the end and neme 3 at the beginning. The only difference is the DB being cleared off with accounts and characters...


Now, if you talking about EARLY neme 2, the technical differences are mainly in:

- No advanced guild system

- No advanced party system

- No automated summon events

- No map virtualization (currently not fully used, but will be in pvp tournaments)

- No advanced/reworked quest system (only single quest and limited possibilities as in only have observation and monster killing quests, nothing like chain or multi-quests as seen in halloqueen or x-mas before)

- No reworked Dragonia map

- No map effects (used in Dragonia and in Halloqueen)

- No advanced map restrictions (hard to organize pvp events being equal for everyone as "cheating" is possible and likely to occur)

- No taming skill

- No new colors (White dye and onwards to timmed capes and more...)

- No dynamic portals (portals gms spawn to allow access to certain maps, also used in Dragonia and Halloqueen)

- No Hell-fire Spell

- No Sleep Spell

- No Fury of Thor Spell

- No Recall On Connect (DC in arena or Apocalypse has the harsh effect of recalling you to town)

- No soccer event

- No Angels +20 (only +10)

- No Repair All option in shops

- No Beholder necklaces

- No twin NPCs

- No Corrupted/Limited or Fragile items

- And many more things that are in-game now, mainly small features like show ping, show server time etc...

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