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Jing's Trade List

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Not much of anything right now, but it will grow!

HP Armors:

Strong(14%) Chain Hose(M) HP+7%

MP Armors:

Light(16%) Hauberk(M) MP+28%

Strong(14%) Hauberk(W) MP+42%

MR Armors:

Strong(56%) Leather Armor(W) MR+21%
Strong(21%) Chain Hose(W) MR+21%

Hauberk(M) MR+35% --------> Looking for MR35+ Hose M

DR Armors:

Hauberk(M) DR+21%
Strong(35%) Chain Hose(M) DR+21%
Chain Mail (M) DR+21%

PA Armors:

Strong(14%) Leather Armor(W) PA+9%


Sharp Main Gauche HP+49%
Critical+5 Gradius HP+49%

Critical+5 Rapier Rep+7

Agile War Axe REP+6
Poisoning(PD45) War Axe REP+3

Poisoning(PD20) Flameberge REP+2
Sharp Flamberge HP+42% +1
Sharp Flamberge Rep+5

Strong(21%) Giant Sword REP+7
Critical+5 Giant Sword

Sharp BattleAxe


Strong(14%) Blonde Shield MP+21%

Light(20%) Targe Shield MR+49%
Strong(35%) Wood Shield MR+49%
Strong(14%) Wood Shield MR+42%

Mana Convert(2%) Targe Shield DR+49%
Strong(14%) Wood Shield DR+35%

Light(16%) Lagi Shield PA+9%


Special(CP+12%) Magic Wand(MS10) HP+56%
Special(CP+3%) Magic Wand(MS20) HP+35%


x5 Zemstone


Necklace of Air Elemental
x3 Necklace of Light Protection


x1 Black Dye w/ Gold Trim (Unique item from Beta! Never given out again!)

Looking for Giant Swords and Hammers (156 Str) with hit prob. Also looking for MR/MP/HP Armors M, and Dex Angel++.

Also looking for Ring of Dragon!

I will trade my MR21 and HP7 armors for stones!

Whisper me in-game on Muta or wutafreek, or reply/PM me here on forum.

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Added HP35 Berk M!


Prefer to trade it for HP35 Hoses M, but I'm interested in other things as well!

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Interested in a Sharp Gis n/s ?

Possibly, what do you want?


And nty to the pa targe :)

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