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Toh 3 Teleport Pad To Dc Bugged

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Bug report


1. TP in toh3 is set to town in stead of drunkencity. (*edit, DC is down probably that is why recall to town)

2. Auto relog bugged when DC and keeping left mouse button pressed (because left mouse button is pressed it automatically selects another in game character on selection overview. Game keeps trying to login and keeps failing. In the end i need to shutdown helbreath client in task control (ctrl alt delete).

3. High amount of lag and bumps in TOH compared to ML map.

4. not able to select middle TP(front ch) pad with ctrl+click in elvine map

5. when using pretend corps, if someone stands on top of you, you get slapped with 76 damage without receiving the damage.

6. Selling spells in mage shop without gold in bag gives 0 gold back. With gold in bag it works fine


1 question:

Invisibility and poison etc stay active when moving from area to area for example town to ml. This intended or a bug?

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5. Is it while you are still on the ground that you "receive" damage it when you stand up? Does it just appear above your head?


And yes, I think it is intentional for those to stay active when switching maps. White may say different, though.

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