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Dead Or Alive (Reset)

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pelase bring nemesis alive OR Reset the server and make it fresh.

im so tired of this, everyday i log in and only saw 10~20 ppl. and 1 more Important thing,there is no gm online for manage ticket or event,so if u guys want to bring back those people u must atleast log in and arrange some event like pvp,gvg event act.

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please consider resetting the server soon I would very much like to come back and start over on nemesis. I miss it

U are away and didnt know.

The server have bugs now. and we cant even consider a reset if we have no server ready.

Resetting now will be getting 300 ppl which will cry cause server will crash and situation will be worst.


Once we get stable back we will choose our future.


2 months ago Farjat made this statement, and it still isn't ready.

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