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Scheduled Maintance: Friday November 30 Somewhere Between 2~6 Pm Server Time

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Friday November 30 somewhere between 2~6 PM Server Time we will push a new Update for the Christmas Event.


we'll be releasing v5.40.008 which'll contain the following updates:

* Fixed guild creation bug

* Fixed character data transfer bug that caused "empty" data to be sent to the game server.

* Fixed display bug saying "world server is full" when the empty-data character bug occured and the client is rejected to login.

* Fixed when you die without zem, the wrong items are attempt to be dropped

* Added new Quest Reward "Teleport"

* Added 41 new items (9 for x-mas event) and 32 dyes for development

* Added 1 new map: Santa's Workshop

* Added 2 new NPCs for the x-mas event)

* Changed Icebound: new square area added with 1 of the new npcs and uncovered a new piece of the map where you can only get by Teleport. (All this is part of the x-mas event, a "teleport" is rewarded thourghout the quest chain to allow access to the new piece of land in icebound)

* Added: Monsters in Santa's Workshop will drop Candies, XP Potions and GCP Scrolls during December

* Added: Rain is replace by Snow during December

* Changed: X-mas Lights will appear in trees between December 25 and December 31.

* Changed: Snow will decrease hitting and casting probability the same way as rain does.

* Added: 3 new Carol musics which will renadomly play in December when it's Snowing.

* Added 12 new Quests

* Changed: Halloween Quests can now be Abandoned to clear them from the Character Quest Log

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Scheduled update will take place now.


Servers will be unavailable/offline for about 10~20 minutes while we upgrade the files.

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