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Auto Updater V1.1.0

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We've recently updated the auto updater to v1.1.0


Don't worry, the auto updater will update itself !

all you have to do is just run your updater, if a new version is released, it'll automatically be downloaded by the "old" version of the updater, it'll replace itself (by quickly launching a command prompt and executing a replace file command).


Auto Updater v1.1.0 patch notes:

- New: Option for Small Trees

- New: Added about ~10 new skins (also in the options available)




Some players (mainly singapore) are experiencing troubles with using the auto updater, where often their ISP is the main issue.

Some of the ISPs use a global proxy for ALL their customers, when those customers browse the web, they always pass by this proxy.

To avoid this, we've made some configuration changes to the "handshaking" so it uses a different port to communicate with the server.




I'd also like to let you guys knows that we're working on an improved system that will allow you to switch character or account without the need of restarting the entire validation precedure again using the Nemesis Auto Updater.

This would change would also affect people who're disconnecting (connection lost), once this improved system is available, you would be able to just login again after DC'ing without the need to restarting the entire validation precedure using the Nemesis Auto Updater.

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