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I have seen that guilds are going to be wiped this so why and what is the plan. thanks




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There is a new Guild System that will replace, or rather extend the current one.


This new System has certain limitations and gives a slightly different approach to guilds then they currently are.


We WILL maintain and watch EXTREEMLY carefully that the guild leaders of the currently existing guilds have priority to getting their guild name again.

We're even considering only whiping guild member list, and not the entire guild record of the database.

This way all guilds will keep existing, be expanded with the additional guild data to be saved and set on their initial values, with their leaders (guild master) still being the owner of the guild.

But if whiping or replacing the database tables is the only options, we ensure that anyone taking a guild name that didn't belong to him before WILL be punished with holidays untill 2030.


Guild System Release Notes:

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