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Im Thankful for lots, but for this game;


Im glad seimitec made it

Im glad my friend downloaded it on my comp after i told him not to

Im glad i got to learn a lot in hb Int Beta

Im glad i found a DEPENDABLE and FUN private server

Im glad i met Nuts and got into Dam

Im glad i found WUTA, my Boss, my friend

Im glad I met all the others i did (Probably not here anymore to see this, miss you all)

Im glad that i got to have this expreance

Im glad to know nemesis is here, and will be.


Happy thanksgiving all. Yrem, nice job making this post, we shoudl all remember to be thankful.


Thank you Helbreath nemesis, All GM's, All admins, Alll players. I truely am thankfull that this world is at my fingertips, and its all Thanks to all of you. Thank You.








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