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Where The Food Game Of Xelimas, Merienand Zems Abb Hunt Fnda?

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Krede, i clearly said, hey i missed morpheus, "what to do?"

joe said: re food the ones on morpheus round, that was me, morpheus tony and rawkstar, he did say that, and as far as i knoe hes also fnda leader, so i guess he can talk for the guild.

Also, there was people saying hurry, because forced recall would happen soon.


pd: if i hadnt missed morpheus tony wouldnt have won


This is 100% true. Hard situation to fix tbh. No1 suggesting anything else, so ill take responsibility for it. No matter who ended up winning there was gonna be some hard feelings. In the end MJ did another fg with Tony since they both had won fgs for that mplate. Its a hard situation to fg items and have everyone happy. Never meant for things to get messed up. Srry MJ :*( (hope u all will stlil hunt abby with us)

To reply to the thread topic, ill say this. GROW UP. its freakin m/xtones and zems. We didn't try to scam them at all. TBH none of us care about the stones at all. And if anyone wants to step up and pass out 10 stones to 30 ppl, by all means go ahead. As far as i know Tony still has the stones and is willing to give them all to the ppl who killed the wyvs with us. But its hard becuz we dont know who all was there and if we did can't possibly get everyone online at the same time. If you guys want we can donate those stones to Hunter to drop during a summon event or something. But dont blame us for stealing stones, cuz we really could care less about them. (EXCEPT NOOB MEDIC WHO LOVES IW) :)


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credit the source: COWBALLIN!!!



BY the way since no1 has talked to us in game about the stones, and no1 seems to want to cooridinate anything. We will be dropping 10-12 stones in th next summon event. I know most of the ppl who will get them didn't go to the hunt. But i have no other way of distributing them to anyone, and i dont want fnda to be acused of ripping anyone off so there u go. if anyone has any better idea better throw em out fast.

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