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For The Older Players - How You Can Help Us!

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A lot of new players coming.


BUMP ^_^


Its good, just treat them nicely and they will stay. New players usually need gold, especially mages. Just spare some off to them.

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Just found this post, but i adopted a newbie a few months back. He now has sone O.K. items that i have managed to get him including a DM+3 for example. I answered any questions he had and helped as much as possible. He is now an active member of the guild and already has no less than 2 Max level charachters.

I think it would be wise to say that helping others will only come back to help you.

That "Noobie" has more than returned the help i have given them with him just passing me stones for example which benefit us both.

Do good things and good things will happen to you! ^-^

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Also I think it would be a good idea for everyone to try to get in contact with old HB players. I sure have been doing a lot of promotion for HB Nem, Because I want good fights in ml. The only way of getting that would need massive players. I'm sure everyone made a friend or two some how in HB. I don't normally use MSN but i logged onto MSN just to talk to the old HB buddies and now i got 4 people back by doing so. So start nagging on those old players and make our helbreath community massive again!



please bring back the mules please

i got some serious helpful items for new lvlers. it would be a waste to sit in my wh or sell

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If you want to see more new players on hb there is a final solution: Gimlin banned :P


Saludos feos desde el culo de un pinguino XD


spanish translation:


As most of you probably know, Helbreath just isn't a new game anymore. For this reason and several others, we're slowly losing players, and we're doing our best to bring more players to the game.

Como mucho de ustedes saben, el helbreath no es un juego nuevo. Por esta razon y muchas otras, estamos perdiendo jugadores, y nosotros estamos haciendo nuestro mejor esfuerzo para traer nuevos jugadores al juego.


For this reason, I want to ask a favor of the older players - be nice to the Newbies that come here. If you see another Goldy running around asking a bunch of "stupid" or "dumb" questions - be nice and answer them. You probably remember how it was when YOU first started HB, knowing absolutely nothing but just wanting to play.

Por esta razon, quiero pedir un favor a los viejos jugadores -sean buenos con los nuevitos que entran. Si ven un "goldy" corriendo alrededor preguntando "estupideces" o "tonteras" sean amables y respondan. Probablemente recuerden cuando empezaron el HB, sabiendo absolutamente nada y queriendo tan solo jugar.


If you have time, just explain to them the different stats, and what builds are good for a newbie playing as a mage or warrior. If you don't have time, find someone in your guild who can help them, especially if they don't speak your 1st language.

Si tienen tiempo, expliquenles los diferentes stats, y como construir un buen "newbie" para jugar como mago o guerrero. Si no tienen tiempo, encuentren a alguien del "guild" que pueda ayudarlos, especialmente si ellos no hablan su primer idioma.


And for you guys working on Hero Sets...If you see a bunch of Goldies running around the enemy town, please don't kill them 50 times. Unless they actually fight you, be nice and just let them run by every once in a while. Getting killed 10 times in 1 hour is horrible, and makes them not want to play!

Y si estan haciendo el set de ven un monton de "goldies" corriendo en la ciudad enemiga, por favor no los maten 50 veces. a no ser que los ataquen, sean amables con ellos y dejenlos correr de vez en cuando. Ser asesinado 10 veces en una hora es horrible y dan ganas de no jugar!.


So in all, please, just be nice. We all want more players, and being mean to them and/or killing the Newbies 50 times a day won't help us get more players!

Es todo, por favor, sean amables. Todos queremos nuevos jugadores, y siendo malos con ellos y/o matando "newbies" 50 veces al dia no va a ayudarnos a traer nuevos jugadores.


Gracias por leer the way kisses for argenlandia and my dears friends from korea :wub: miss you all

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