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Happy Birthday Maynard

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u ******* i was the one that was going to open this topic!!! since hes my perro!!! :angry: happy bday my friend :D if i could give u a gift the best gift u need is a little of my skill ! hahha so u start not to die to civilians.. thats just sad :P btw eldon sayd he was going to give u the ms20 zw for ur bday!!! i hope he's honest... ajajaj happy bday sergia!!!!:D:D:DD:D:D:D


best mage in server imo. hope u had a nice day =D


i wish i could say in all players opions!!! well he hes the best mage but some of the players dont agreed!!! xP but we know hes the best! hes even on the gym to run from aresdens faster :D!!! he saying hes losting alot of zems.. now he just have 1 wh of zems :lol:

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