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M Shield Wand (require Int)

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Your talking about an iscolated case where the mage couldnt cast cuz 2 wars smacking him, along with maybe the best MR set ingame cuz whiteangel has no life. My guess if it was 2 mages, vs them it would have been a different story.


but still proves my point


for example in mass fights every1 aims the mages unless theres some noobie wars around


i play both wars and mage :(

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mages overpowereD? why they get attacked at first in mass fights?

and even if they are why dont u just make a mage if they are so godlike. comon it s ur choice which char u gonna do.


wars got advantage of hunting ever tried hunt frost with mage without mp set or go garden?

is easy with war and u can stay there all day without repot.


and mages can run and write jajajja hmm but if u know how to run with war u can escape blizzes.

it s not that hard.



actually yes i think there should be sth done in pvp like hp was lowered before.


but mages arent overpowered they just got another preference in game.

fhs war > fhs mage


and mages wont get more def in game ever than def 50 neck max tower and mshield

but waqrs get easy mass sets like ma mr ip neck


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lol i'd say do not remove mshield because that would just make game more and more 1v1, you can make rulez in pvps that you will not use m shield / tower but in mass fights you wouldn't see many mages fightin 1 or 2mages v mass wars if their not allowed to use mshield & tower because if they cast and like 4 wars crits same time and mage has no mshield + tower thats dead from full hp :o

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