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Forum Rules


"Forum regulations and rules:

1. Do not abuse the report to moderator button when or where available. The report to moderator button is often misused to ask for password recoveries, asking why a person is banned and many other topics. This function when or where enabled is to report misuse of the forum and it's NOT meant to be used to ask for anything in-game related! Violation of this rule will result in a 1 month ban, after you're account has been unsuspended and you abuse this function again you will be permanently banned from the board.


2. No thread necromancy. Do not resurrect old threads. If a thread hasn't gotten any replies for a longer period of time do not post in there anymore. You will get a warning if you resurrect alot of dead topics and if you continue to break this rule you will be suspended for a period of time depending on the severity of the offense.


3. Do not curse, flame, use ethnic, racial and/or sexually offensive slurs on the forums. Violation of this rule will have various actions depending on the severity. This means you may not do any of the earlier stated things towards either players, administrators or GMs.


4. Do not flood or doublepost on purpose, your posting privileges will be taken and in the future your posts must be approved by an administrator before they are actually added to a thread.


5. Creating anything we consider a "Circus" in the forums will lead to either suspension or a ban


6. No matter how bad an administrator and GM behaves you will respect this person. If you believe you have been mistreated by them you can report this via a ticket and only via a ticket reporting via other means when no abuse has taken place can lead to a ban.


7. Do not make countless topics if you're banned. We do not discuss bans. It's virtually unthinkable that you will get unbanned after an administrator has banned you in-game. If you think you were mistreated you can report this in the Abuse section.


8. Advertising is not allowed and will result in the deletion of your forum account and a permanent IP ban.


9. No spamming, except in Spam section.


10. Racially inappropriate language, cursing and any form of racial/sexual harassment will absolutely NOT be tolerated. If you are caught doing so (which you will if you do so) you will be permanently banned on both the forum and the game. We cannot urge you enough to refrain from making ANY racial/sexual comments towards other players or GameMasters. Some people can get really offended about this!


11. Please respect the GameMasters at ALL times. Cursing at or speaking in an inappropriate way to ANY of the GameMasters will result in a mute, length to be determined by the Game Master and you will be sent to Bleeding Island for a period of time also decided by the Game Master.


If a Game Master gives you instructions follow them without asking any questions. If you believe that the Game Master is abusing his or her powers please report this in an appropriate way in the Abuse section of the forum.


Discussing a Game Master, cursing at or or speaking in an inappropriate way OUTSIDE the Ticket section will result in a permanent ban of your forum account and it may also possibly have the same effect on your in-game account.


Only the player who has experienced the issue can make a topic in the abuse section! Please post by these rules or your account will be permanently banned.


12. GameMasters are not paid. They do their responsibilities here for free and we value their time and expertise. We will not have them exposed to abuse from a player. Forum rules state, abusing any GameMaster in a post will result in the immediate suspension of your account.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The rules, as stated above, are subject to change at ANY given moment, time and/or place for whatever reason."

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