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Ek Spree

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When you hold the most ek's of your town you glow brighter (red/blue).

Whoever leads the way in eks of the town get a special glow untill someone else gets higher eks.


Could be based Daily or Overall.


Only works if full hero is on (simple and cool way for leet players of server to express Real power)


When someone kills a Glowing player of opposite town you get 2eks rather than 1? encourage teamwork and hunting skills :)

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i like the glowing part but i think the ek level for Nemesis should stay this way because eking is hard (even if u dont have items) you just need to have skills (not saying i have much but i get eks killing nubs and dueling 180's and pvp) so yeah i guess eking with 2 shouldnt cuz ppl would get hero armors pretty fast.


Id like to hear other ppl's opinions :D



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