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Amnesty Program For Perm Banned Ppl.

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As a 2nd chance, perm banned ppl will be able to apply for Amnesty from Admins.


But also Perm Banned Means the Character is dead already. Amnesty is just a Key to keep playing and keeping your name.


For that, amnesty means:


Instant Unban

EKs = 0

Contribution = 0

Skills = 0%

Bag = Empty

Warehouse = Empty

Rep = 0

Rare spells = 0


If somebody Claims Amnesty, there will be a 3 days time for GMs to discuss if the person is granted or not.

Theres no "Saves" here, not even equipped items, heros or DKs...

All who wants amnesty, should make a ticket.


This is a Trace for amnesty.



23/08/2008 Vaelor (EK Laming)

24/08/2008 Esportacus (EK Laming)

27/08/2008 Mirai

27/08/2008 Yremik

14/01/2012 Lust69 (EK Laming)

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