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Game Improvements I:

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Ok farjat made the call,


He wants to find ways to improve the server with out fruiting it.


Things that need to be pointed out.


1.) Nemesis Has Real Sources Not Just Binaries This means with the Right coders there is nothing beyond this servers Reach. Most other servers that try to improve on the game Have to try and hack it into the already closed Binary files. Hence they get fruit fixes. Not real improvements.


2.) Other then Intenational Usa and Kor as far as can be told No other server out there is Hosted by a Hosting company with truly secure servers, in fact it can said that the core servers Int usa and Kor are not as secure as Nemesis is. and they are as farjat stated in the stranglehold of death, what is left on those servers are the die Hards like the core Players here.


3.) Real Pay to Play Servers like wow and EQ may act like they show indiffrence to what is said on the forums But that is far from the Truth, the Input from their players plants the seeds for every major change in a game. Some Flesh out their Ideas More Thier Ideas tend to vanish whole topics at a time. Then they appear as changes in the game. The servers that dont listen to their People Rot from the inside out and Die, Like UO or Ragnarok.


With those things Pointed out Now the call for The first Of about 10 topics on fixing Helbreath to Launch it into the greats like Wow or Everquest while retaining the flavor of Helbreath.


This topic is for suggestions to Skills


Suggest ideas for new skills refine other peoples ideas Polish this topic enough that the admins start drooling over those ideas to the point they want to do it to improve the game. Again Nemesis has sources they have the ability and the coders able to do it And dont think for half a minute that they don't,


If everyone with a forum account were to suggest a Skill we would have easly 10,657 Ideas figure taking out 20% for those who dont want to even try we still would have 8516 Ideas take out the 30% of the ideas that are more then broken aka not even possible to fix we would have still 5961 viable ideas. Now figure 80% of those left need major work you still have what 1192 Good Ideas of those you would have 10% of them be 119 outstanding Ideas bringing us down to about easly 25% being picked that is 30 Perfect Ideas.


30 New or massively improved skills would be a major draw for players....


So as of now the draw is open. For one month only.. Remember your not posting at this level to wow the admins you posting to wow your peers.


102 will be the thinning of the broken ideas

103 will be the seperation of the good ideas popular with the players

104 will be the outstanding ideas Impress the gms

and 105 will be the perfect polished ideas ready for the admins.


Expect 105 to vanish to the staff room when it closes and the posts leading up to the ones in 105 to vanish out of the older topics.


I will save my posts on this til next weekend so please please get a jump on me.


*note GO off topic it will be moved as a quote to this post and the original off topic post will be deleted you words will be seen but not on this post!


Squall[GM] could you translate this for me please.



Khelben the Warlock








farjat comento que queria innovar cosas en el hb pero sin hacerlo fruta.


Puntos a tener en cuenta:


1.) Nemesis tiene Sources verdaderos, no files pedorros bajados por ahi. Esto quiere decir que con los Programadores adecuados no hay limites a los cuales este server pueda llegar.

La mayoria de los servers que tratan de innovar algo tienen que hacerlo sobre files marca acme tienen que "hackear" los archivos ya compilados y solo consiguen arreglos frutas y ninguna innovacion.


2.) Pocos servers mas alla del Int, Usa y Koreano es hosteado con un Host dedicado (una compania) con una seguridad de confianza, de hecho se podria decir que el nucleo de servers como el Int, Usa y Koreano no son tan seguros como el Nemesis en el tema de seguridad. Y estan como farjat ya ha mencionado casi muertos, los que quedan en ese server son los viciosos(en el buen sentido) como los que tenemos aca.


3.)Los servers pay to play (p2p) como el WOW y EQ tal vez parescan que muestren indiferencia hacia lo que se dicen en los foros pero eso es lejano a la realidad, La iniciativa de los players son la semilla de cada cambio en la jugabilidad de esos juegos.

Los servidores que no escuchan a su gente/players/comunidad son los que terminan muriendo como paso con el UO o Ragnarok.



Con estos puntos aclarados, podemos comenzar a tener los primeros 10 Topics sobre arreglar/innovar Helbreath para hacerlo tan bueno e impresionante como el WOW or EverQuest pero con la escencia del Helbreath.


Este topic es para hacer sugerencia hacia los SKILLS.



Sugieran ideas para nuevos skills, tantas buenas ideas que hagan babear a los Admin del nemesis y los lleven a mejorar el juego. De nuevo, Nemesis tiene los Sources, la habilidad y los programadores capaces de hacerlo y no piensen ni por medio minuto que no es asi.


Si cada uno con una cuanta en el foro sugiera un Skill, tendriamos al menos 10,657 ideas , calcules que saquemos el 20% de las ideas que no nos gusten y aun tendriamos 8516 ideas... ahora saquen el 30% de las ideas que no sean posible de realizar y aun tendriamos 5961 de ideas posibles/viables/potables.

Ahora calculen que no tengamos en cuenta el 80% de esas ideas porque requieran un trabajo muy tedioso, aun tendriamos unas 1192 de buenas ideas de las cuales uds tendrian en cuenta un 10% quedando 119 de posibles ideas... de las cuales podemos elejir un 25% de ideas que nos darian 30 ideas PERFECTAS.



Entonces, desde ahora las sugerencias son bienvenidas. Solo por un mes. Recuerden que no estan posteando ideas para deslumbrar a los ADMINs, sino para deslumbrar a tus pares (players)102 will be the thinning of the broken ideas


(Los siguientes N? son los que les pone a los topic)

103 va a ser la separacion de las buenas ideas y populares entre los players.

104 va a ser las ideas que impresionen a los GMs

105 va a ser las ideas pulidas listas para lso admins.


105 desaparecera y Se movera a la seccion privada del Staff cuando cerremos ese Topic. Las ideas que esten mejor posicionadas que las que estan en 105 seran movidas hacia esta.



*No spammen ni se vayan off-topic con sus posts. Esos posts seran movidas como "quote" al topic identico a este pero con todos los comentarios Off-topic


Khelben the Warlock


Translated by Lion[GM]

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How about a sleeping manual... So instead of AFKing in shop or wh.. u can go to sleep and get some extra exp. Make it a rare drop ..but not too rare.. That can be trained to 100.

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I'd second the sleeping idea.


I also like the idea of taming to a certain extent, maybe not much more than demons? I'm not sure...HC taming could prove..interesting. O.o


I also like tailoring, but we could probably add more to it to make it worthwhile, instead of just robes/leather/hats/etc. Maybe a cloth armor for more str? Ooooh...lower level battlemages and mages with cloth armor! :lol:

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Guest kay0

my opinion: nothing needs to be added to the game. the game itself is amazing imo. adding these new things will just ruin the game and make it feel like it's trying to copy ideas from 3d games w/ better graphics. HB is a 2d game, don't expect much, and the creators of the game already stopped adding thing into the game.


so for all these ideas that people are having, is probably great... but i can gurantee you it wont work out.


people still play this game because, they like the gameplay/they have really shitty comps.

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