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Trade System

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in order to encourage more hunting from older players and get their butt from afking.. we can have a trade system..



why old players are bored

and new players dont bother playing


old players are max lvl and bored cos no player in game


new players dont bother because server is not attractive enough



to have trade system we can make old players hunt more.. and more rares in circulation willl result in increasing number of new players


let me explain the trade system


having trade points which acts like cash in the trade system..


how to earn trade point u might ask... there will be a list of items such as mshield, ms10 blabla...


each items worth a certain amount of trade points.. eg ms10 worth 2 trade point. mshield worth 1 trade point(TP)


on the trade system list.. eg..merien shield need 15 trade point which means user must collect atleast a few more ms 10 and mshield to get a total of trade point before trading it.


to get rares one must hunt hc or tw ..hunting more doenst mean 1 person can trade it too.. but if 1 person have all the items then finally he will have merien shield..


fair?.. i think it is .. the more commitment the better u get..


:) feel free to comment

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it happened in a server i played b4. hbred.. where my char have lots of mshield n etc and everyone else have it too...


wuthappen is players are playign with items like merien and xelima... very fun during those time.. but u got the point.. whether it will last or not? whether it will destroy the server or not..

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The problem is that it takes too long to get a character powerful enough to even hunt those monsters in the first place. Lvling isnt that bad until like level 95, then you just cant be bothered anymore, especially when the only good place to train for mages is the scorps.

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in any case i dont think so ..


for lvling. if ur a person that is interested in low level exp server.. u more likely to be loyal and play longer.


which lvling should be fine..


and level to hunt a monster depends on wut position are u in..


if ur a tanker.. u definately need max dex and high vit.. with high defensive armor..


if ur a mage u just need great heal and zerk.. and gds..


if ur a power warrior.. all u need is to hold very heavy weapon.. like BBH.. which i would say to kill a HC.. in this server


i haven play with hc in this server yet but i would guess.. atleast 1 tanker. 4 warriors and 3 mages..


in a server with priest.. 1 priest 1 tanker and 3 warriors can take ..



anyway should be mayb 100 mshield = 1 merien shield..


anyway trade lists server which i played have alot of items instead of merien items..


there are storm bringer, BSW scroll , cancellation,crystal x, xelima items.. etc etc....

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