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Priest Class

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priest class again.. was from other server..


we all know that mages are magic users with offensive ability such as blizzard magic..


priest however is the opposite.:)


priest have longer pfm magic, more healing magic

like mass heal with 200 + hp heal or regeneration like full heal..


priest can also have offensive spell like tremor.. which everyone have .. low dmg.. and also divine revenge that acts like meteor strike..


best spell for priest ofcos is entangle..


wondering that is that?.. entangle is a para spell that will definately last 1 min atleast and break tru pfm..


but not amp...


up to this point u probbaly notice that priest are more supportive than offensive..

i think this class will be a success. as it has been used on other server i played for 3 years on that server..


how to learn spell u might ask?.. will CHR will be important


adding both CHR and STR user 90 str 90 chr mayb.. could be max for learning every priest spell. usually priest wear plate mail and wiz hat..


IMPORTANTS= priest can never use sharp weapon such as X, sword , ss, fencing etc..


only priest hammer or normal hammer


FEEL FREE TO COMMENT on this idea:)


just trying to get new players :)

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Could be a good idee..

But Nemesis only runs on Old style HB..


So this idee might not come throw...


Else it sounds very nice . (:

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While I love and mean I love the idea of classes on hb, Honestly I have not seen a "good" implementation of them, the prime two for classes were HBred(dead server) and HBII(also dead it died in its last test mode). They used scrolls to force class rules on a citizen, hbII was the better run for this, but the problem was the class system had locked characters and players into a single path and if they messed up the majestic points to shift class was no help at all. (btw I know majestics is currently turned off here) this ment if you took the thief class and then decided to become a mage there was no way to shift your building toward it.


Dont get me wrong I would love to see more things added to HB to make it better.


Now on the other hand a way that could make this workable is find out what spells a priest would need the priest spells like mass heal, mass zerk, entangle and such could be used to build a spell book. The thing is each spell would have to stand on its own as not a good spell but a beyond great spell to be considered.


As for the limitations on weapons that would have to be self imposed, but items like the clubs would go great in the hammer skill set, so write up the clubs as an idea suggestion.


but why stop at just clerics


why not add thief skills also....


now the trick is to write it up in such a way that the admins take notice of it and go OOOH i want that, not just writing it up for the Players to say hmm thats neat.


By all means star keep working on the ideas, just tweak your ideas to target the right people,


here is some helpful hints:


Admin scat: he is currently looking for things in the past not the future, looking for stuff that was lost in the roots of HB and trying to find a way to do them right.


Admin Farjat: from what I gather he is all about the players being self reliant and very much a purist when it comes to hb.


Admin Sexybitch: Very open minded to ideas, but also the busiest of the three admins, If she could she would code on hb full time this much I know. But the demon that is known as "real life" keeps her chained down.


Those are the people you got to target with your ideas,

Mine, hunter, eligasons, giggles, garch and all the rest, dont really matter on if something goes or stays, all we can do is point out the flaws in an idea and suggest ways to get it going.


But I will say this a word of advise "other servers did this and it worked" is reasoning that usualy does not fly that good. \





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i know someone which patches and used to be gm of those server which was alive for more than 3 years..


anyway.. these has been tested and worked very well we once reached 170+ players with low exp server..


the problem with others is they dnwan to train.. but if somethign new to train will motivate them


anyway it is just an idea:) thanks for ur comment:)

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ok here is more detail on wut happen to priest class


90 chr 90 str to learn all priest spell


priest cant invis..


they can use


create food





amp(longer than mages amp by 20 sec)

divine revenge = meteor

entangle = para 1 min


fire wall

fire field


critical heal (heal 100)

mass heal (200)

regeneration(full heal)


priest dont have spike field

priest dont have poison spell



these are roughly spell that i remember.. however those spells have a specific names for it..


ok.. if u think priest cant be anythign else.. ur wrong..


my priest build b4 was 50 dex, 156 str, 90 chr 30 int the rest mag


30 int for invis

156str for hammer


i was a bmage priest and with my entangle i am able to run away from all strong warriors and kill any mages


with regeneration i can full heal and kill warrior with my divine revenge.


this build was tested first from HBRED short of helbreath redemption by GM MAG long go.. then the server went down and the same thing was then followed by helbreath celestial... after 1-2 year hbcelestial changed its server like hbnemesis to hb nemesis 2 .. changing hb cel to hb archiac... after1-2 years change back to celestial 2.... all these server above used priest class.. some with improved hunting class and bmage class..


bmage class is abit special because of the addition items created to support bmages...


but yea.. give me some more time.. i will look for the detail information for u

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One thing I have to point out about the priest class is the full regeneration spell.


How are you going to make it so priests can't spam that spell on people? Make it have a high MP requirement? Make it have a stat requirement of high mag and high chr? Make it have a time limit like special activations, but shorter? Make it a mixture of all those things?


How did they do it on HBRed at least? Just a couple things to think about before giving the idea to the admins. ^_^


Also, I would personally LOVE any additions special to Bmages here. I've actually seen some battlemage knight armor on one (now dead) HB server, which I think was a bit more defense, with a str and int requirement.

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first of all just some critical *spam*ysis of the priest spell..


the problem with priest is not focus on regeneration but on entangle...


anyway start with ur question..


regeneration is a spell with full hp rec with high mp reduced..


remember.. priest have no int.. meaning low casting probability..


i cant remember which circle it was but with max lvl 140.. should be about 80+ % of cp..


priest can easily mass spam regeneration... but think about it.. how much mana can they afford?...


to be honest regen is best for hunting... especially with hc... very easy... and very effective...


for pvp.... 1on1.. once a priest got paraed... theres no way out..


secondly priest cant invis... usually not many people will enjoy playing priest.. because of the low cp of starting.. and hard to lvl.. hard to achieve in game...


warriors always call for priest help.. but priest never hv a chance of eking.. being priest is a sacrifies..


UNLESS if ur very good at playing priest often u can change ur stat around adding dex or int.. or even more str. to be strong priest..


regen has always been a concern b4 my ex server started using priest however it was not a problem at all but infact regen is not really full hp.. it heals 400-500 hp.. which is about full heal..



the main concern with priest is entangle....all pfm warriors can be paraed by priest.. meaning warriors have hard time killing priest.. if priest can tangle u .. he can have his chance on regen.. while u wasted ur crits..


try it out.. u will know wut i mean..


my english is not great .. therefore sometimes contradict wut i said.. but i played 5 years in these server so i know if they work or not...


the reason why i quited the last server i played was because of the community that was corrupted unlike when it was started with the original GMs..


anyway more feedback please:).. im still looking for some sites with better evidence on this

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