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  1. Lucanesti

    Aresden Using Mmm On Our Base In Crusade

    No ares get to use MMM just elvine doesnt, Duh!.
  2. Lucanesti

    Hc Drops

    Poof goes nemesis.
  3. Lucanesti

    Hc Drops

    Well, you have to keep everything balanced, equality is something we should strive for If you "fix" the drops, without taking out the items that did drop, you create an unbalanced situation. Leave the drops the way they are, and keep the items. Change the drops, take away the unfair items.
  4. Lucanesti

    Para Time

    Or take out DK armor so mages dont have so much PA
  5. Lucanesti

    Hero Set

  6. Lucanesti

    Hero Set

    NazairI and im not sure who else, female char, I think Wonsz. NazirI starts messing with my in WW's, and I noticed another mage is just sitting above us invis not doing anything.. As soon as I detect her she just stands still, hero items fly on, and she blizzes and then all the items come off real fast. Noob clickers hidin with invis so I think im getting a 1 on 1 fight, then try to gang on me when im almost dead. Real cool. Recall + 1 for me.
  7. Lucanesti

    What Have You Done???

    Stop being a noob trash talkin on the forums and not doing anything.
  8. Lucanesti

    About Crusade Pts Laming

    People are somewhat still trying to win right now for nothing. Shop prices being effected would help. Perhaps whoever wins Crusade gets a even better TP to D4/Toh3 or something. Along with the 1kk
  9. Lucanesti

    About Crusade Pts Laming

    I for one think 1 majestic point is too much for something you can get all the time for doing nothing.
  10. Lucanesti

    About Crusade Pts Laming

    6 is too high, 1-2mil makes it worth while, and people will want to win.
  11. Lucanesti

    Requesting Lvl 3 Admin .

    Farjat is probally needing time on the restructure of command levels. What happened with Bier? Sorry if its an insult, but before I left Bier was my favorite. A PM is fine if noone wants to post about it.
  12. Lucanesti

    Hi Nemesis

    I'll let you know when im going to listen what you tell me to do. Or care what you think. Or what 85% of this place thinks.
  13. Lucanesti

    Hi Nemesis

    Yes, noone has ever made racist comments before. Not on Helbreath. The person I said it too didnt even care, I dont hate jewish people. They made the economy what it is. See, thats racist.
  14. Lucanesti

    Hi Nemesis

    Welcome back man, stay the hell out of Elvine its shit. Aresden gets edits, Elvine gets STD
  15. Lucanesti

    Std Guild

    Lets discuss. Between the entire guild ruining everyones hunts, Pit dominating, and the loud mouthed Shag at the helm yelling in global all day long about how his guild kicks *censored* and nothing they do is wrong and how they rule over everyone. They're the best, yet worse. They have no character, they are all overconfident dicks who insert themselves into everything and ruin it. Trash talking, PKing, fags if you ask me. Bad community + DK sets = no win?