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    Thanks White Gm

    i would suggest something hope u guys dont flam me i noticed people are not that satisfied with the price.. anyway i always thought events is about the fun not the price but.. 1 suggestion will be any one who would like to donate their items can be price of event.. i mean even a zem or m stone could be nice.. unless everyone is stingy.. if i have some of them i wouldnt mind donating as price of event.. but i have only 1 zem XP.. so to those 180s with dk15 stuff.. im sure u hve a number of rares.. if u guys wouldnt mind donating some "medium" rare stuff it would be nice.. rather than pressuring gms on price:) peace out
  2. StarX

    Thanks White Gm

    this post is to thx white gm .finally hosted an event related to pl THX!... however jsut a few suggestion.. to involve more people.. hopefully we can be transfer to arena as a group .. put us in groups and fight .. each group have their cape colour so u can identify your group members. it wll be fun:)
  3. StarX

    Aresden And Elvine Top 10 Wars & Mage

    PL Raiders Elv War GooS Hammerraid Nerv Soretera elv mage Lacalva breezy eldon Ashley Ares war Ronwe Montonya <--- fking rares RX8- and a few more Ares mage None..
  4. StarX

    About Eks + Raid Time X)

    if people like to be safe they can play ragnarok or maple story this is helbreath.. full of excitement.. i would say increase 1 more day of raiding but not the ek rules cos is not worth it.. but the direction i like it
  5. StarX

    To Hunter Gm!

    hunter gm.. i respect you as a gm . accepting the gm job is a tough one.. because there are responsibility that u have to pick up... however if u are a gm meaning u accepted those responsibility which means u gotta be more serious about the players.. again.. we suggested pl event many many weeks ago.. u Agreed.. u planned it.. and u didnt come.. but we understand that u have hurricane problem therefore we waited.. finally u came back onlnie we were all happy that u are alright.. and u promised in a few days time u will organise the event.. we waited again.. 2 weeks later.. u annouce a BALL event.. that is going to happen.. WTF is happning to our LIL PL EVENT!!! sry for whinning.. but some of us really look forward to it.. PL is dying now!!!.. and it is a place for new ppl to train too!! make it alive again !!! THX! p.s all i said above is directly to Hunter gm , players who are not involve plz stay a side and not flam me..
  6. StarX

    Are Down?

  7. StarX

    Firebow Removal

    vampyr if u are not here to leave a proper comment.. plz dont leave.. because it will make the post look bad.. even if this suggestion is shyt to u ... plzdont reply in this manner cos it might not be for others and it doesnt make u look cool.. dont need to grab attention.. cos i dont see ur point posting here secondly removnig fire bow i feel is not bad at all but not completely.. "make it drop from monster" thirdly this is about an item we talking about in this suggestion topic.. not a spell.. if u think taking off fire bow is so stupid that in the end some spell will be remove then plz go back to kindergarden to learn what "grow up" means.. sry for flamming u but u deserve it for disrespecting others suggestion regardless it is relevant or possible peace out
  8. StarX

    Firebow Removal

    i would say fire bow should be remove from shop thats all it is not too good in some cases.. because u pro will think is fine but some noobs will think is not.. and hb is full of noobs too not just pro.. although fire bow dont do much anyway in pl raiding as mages die too fast b4 fire effect but they still do some harm which is why i think not everyone should have fire bow.. only ppl taht hunt for it so make monster drop it but not purchase by shop if im a war with fire wall and zerk i rather get fire bow and not learn those spell.. sry for double post another point i want to point out in a situation of pvp 2 v2 pure wars v bmages with fire bow pure war going to win for sure against bmages without fire bow bmages will win bmage can para 1 pure war while raping another one and nothing can be done there but with fire bow . screw it lol..
  9. StarX

    Hero Stone

    i will say instead of dropping items hero stone should be use to upgrade hero set and is 100% upgrade rate upgrade for hero can up to +5 or +7 cost 150 to 200ek per stone hero set +7 woot!!! pwnn!!
  10. StarX

    Noticed The Down Turn?

    i played hb nemesis 1 yr + ago with a char lvled to 91.. cos it was freaking hard to lvl.. then i quited.. then cameback recently.. and started StarX.. my nickname on forum StarX is what i use in every hb related forum i been to.. hmm dont have the time for 180s.. cos theres so much to do.. well if i have the time i know i will be having much fun.. but think about ppl taht can on for short time.. they need some excitement too.. if i know theres event every 2 days i come online.. thats why.. during sade.. there are sudden boost of players online... thats the main reason i m trying to point out thx :)
  11. StarX

    Noticed The Down Turn?

    ok.. noticed the down turn of online people? when i started about 2-3 months ago.. everyday anytime theres atleast 1-2 aresden in pl.. to fight with now i can stand over 2 hrs and see no one... the number of online players has decrease too... now here are the problems as a pl raider.. im a full time pl raider and have no max lvl char.. when sade comes i quit playing or go to town and try my luck.. which hardly will kill anyone .. but as a new player i will feel left out when sade comes.. and wish to participate in something more balance.. like the suggested pl pvp event.. [didnt happen on due date].. after waiting for hrs.. the event didnt happen... to you 180s players i know u will be like "yawn.. whine. is just an event" but to me is some hope to stay in this server .. personally i like this server because the items are balance.. but .. i wish that gm can do something to pl .. atleast some events constantly like pl event.. that actually will be hosted .. new players will take about 3 weeks to max.. and durnig those time they can haev fun even without being max or mass rares.. HOPE gms.. can give a reasonable respond to thsi.. and plszsss players dont flam me.. i just try to make this community better with new players and such.. MANY THXXX
  12. StarX

    Level 140 And Under Pvp Event

    this is so upsetting.. gms even if theres a delay acn u guys organise another one next week?.. im gona missed out all week.. dem cos of tht delay
  13. StarX

    Level 140 And Under Pvp Event

    gm plz make it winner get Ancient flam hp 70++ because exp 20 dont help with pl raiders cos they are pl raiders they dont want exp sry for triple post.. can warriors have mage prize instead of war price if won?.. because that wand is usefull for paraing too
  14. StarX

    Level 140 And Under Pvp Event

    start pl raiders plzzz. so i can lame some eksXD
  15. StarX

    Why Server Down?_?

    ok server down because theres a serious bug guys.. hear me on.. ok.. this is what happen StarX is so strong he suppose to have like 700 ++ ek.. but everytime he kill 10 person lvl 100++.. he only get 1 ek.. this bug not only make the strong looks weak but the weak looks strong.. so ppl who died to starx get 10 eks. so gm thinks this is unfair they shut server down until matter is resolve.. there will be item wipe and char wipe for all max lvls chars and ppl with more than 10 rares.. gg cya in 24 hrs or so