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    Helbreath Is Unrated.

    Let keep these going. Rather than focus all our attention or rely on hard core fan to support the server, why not just channel your enegry on advertising for new player to know this game just like what runescape mmo did. Ultimately, we need fresh blood to keep the game running. If we could just rally about 40 - 50 player here, just do something simple to advertise on either tweeter, Facebook or other social media u know are effective, we can create world of difference. Just a 5 min efford , let do it together!
  2. makasu

    Helbreath Is Unrated.

    Hb is under rated! Well, personally i believe many of you reading this post felt the same way as how I do. Indeed, , beside the graphic, game play & pvp style were one of the best in mmo. Sadly, this game have been more than a decade and apparently gone were the days when helbreath int is alive, they had probably spent huge buck in advertising this game so that social media would reach mmo gamers whom are looking for a gd pvp game. Most player now were either in their 20s and 30s coming back becos of pass good old memories they had with the game. Rarely would you find new players knowing hb from social media. I am calling out to die hard hb fan out there, if we could do a massive advertising campaign together in a single month to promote hb be it using Facebook, Skype , youtube , tweet or etc. I'm jus thinking out loud. May I know who is with me ? :)
  3. makasu

    Buying Demon Slayer

    hi all, i am looking for this item. if it is for sale, kindly pm me. Thanks