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  1. Nyros

    This Safe Thing...

    sorry for ask here , im not playing at the moment i have somes examens , How many pleople playing hb neme at the moment??? Again sorry milkcow for ask here.
  2. Nyros

    Saving Nemesis

    I think the GMs need make something , becouse all people are quiting at the moment , if this not change in 1 mouth no more people on at nemesis 3
  3. lo que adiero con magicwarr es que o hacen algo rapido o esto no tiene vuelta atras , 50 playes on daba el /who hoy en sade y no habia nadie en ml casi :s 0 ares
  4. Nyros

    Esw Mage

    1 dolar and 50 zems :D
  5. Nyros


    i dont spam u talk about me i talk about you is the true . u say i dont acepted ur pvp , ok i now ask for pvp dk items. maybe now have 250 ms , i play all the time with 300+ or 350+ ms , and i know you allways (but not now) have a pro ping but cant aim any paralize. All people hate my becouse im a talker and i enjoy that becouse is a game , but some people cant understand that jajajajajaja not is my problem. Again say wanna pvp dk items vs me????
  6. Nyros


    Aresden please look at this song I dedicate to you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV2hshsChlk PRO PRO SONG Argenlandia rulz
  7. Nyros


  8. Nyros


    never hard feelings , is only a game man. :) By the way aresden use hands not eyes , with eyes only can cry like now ajjaaja lol no feelings hard
  9. Nyros

    To White Gm

    jajajajajajajaj lo Uploaded with ImageShack.us JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ LOL
  10. Nyros


    Today aresden are 12+ players vs 7 argenlandia (elvines) they die and loss the fight , ares have more people than elvs but still continue dieying not is problem of balance or gms problems, aresden dont have a good teamwork and loss the fights OR what is the excuses now , we fight alot times with low pvp vs alots aresden and we continue killing somes ares Others elviens now fight because we help all players at fights , and they fell safe to fight. I think get back anti k to aresden and move fnda dont change nothing . Anti k + Survivors vs fnda and some elvs u think this fight are balanced??? survivors + fnda loss vs only anti k members , what u think about antik+survivors?? LOL please stop cry and go TeamSpeak and get better teamwork, and maybe can kill alots elvines :) Good Lucky MaynarD the only pro at Argenlania Fan+2 jajajaja
  11. Nyros

    To White Gm

    I think aresden need stop cry , now tonw are balanced , survivors have alots people on , more than argenlandia we only are 4-7 people on when we raid , others elvs come to fight also when we go raid. Aresden need a better teamwork nothing more and can raped elvs *censored* Please stop talk shit about anti k allways 20 vs 1 , we never are alots people , but we play together when fight again vs elvines please check how many argenlandia we are fighting to later talk. Alots ares now dont go fight idk why , becouse before the change , they allways raid , now no one
  12. Nyros


    FNDA dont change nothing with 3 playesr afk comon ray ban , today i post 3 ss about FNDA afked what aresden win with 3 player afk in wh elvine -.-" At the moment this server is BORING no one fight.
  13. Nyros


    te ofresco un choripan y una caja de vino toro tinto por los 2 char!
  14. Nyros


    white u remember the votation?? u talk about this and now dont make nothing with this vote Please check the vote maked for dragon . Now alot people vote for change. :) i think need the change!
  15. Nyros


    http://subefotos.com/ver/?3e1f8fedf7aeb4267cf6c54643ef7c5do.jpg#codigos http://subefotos.com/ver/?111605675c719ed7d717516e0d6b742do.jpg#codigos http://subefotos.com/ver/?6c6a8a5d6c8cf027d78cd5043ea8d2f3o.jpg#codigos You think that change the server??? LOL dont be stupid need players online at elvine all day , not 3 players AFK . Aresden need wait u or cowbell on to get fights?? WTF Nemesis are your tamer rayban . only 2 on and afk NICE FOR CHANGE!