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  1. KeNZo

    Nemesis 3 Server Down!

    I'll check for you guys on that
  2. KeNZo

    Nemesis 3 Server Down!

    Hey bro, Yea its offline for the moment. Why aren't you playing banana server? 200 on lol
  3. KeNZo

    A Few Suggestions.

    White, i think he meant something like, the fight score display we came out with which displays below sv time. But what if some1 has every single quest lol
  4. KeNZo

    Funny Banana Beta Statistics

    Most trash talker, lolz
  5. WHY YOU SO LUCKY?! xD Did it drop at halloqueen map or elsewhere?
  6. KeNZo

    Halloween 2014

    Agree tho, i died 8 times in 30 mins while 6 of us in map xD Should lower the damage a little bit around 30%, specially players with 400-500hp can die very easily all of a sudden
  7. KeNZo

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    if rare enable, we activate M plate then your wars no weapon :P But calu is right, just that both guild have to make sure to attend that moment itself, or make it in a way that if 1 player fail to comply to the schedule then his out.
  8. KeNZo

    Happy Birthday, White[Gm]!

    //custom title, warning icon JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(frame, "Happy Birthday bro!! Have a blast with all the chicks!!", "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE); And just so you guys know, ML EXP is boosted x 2 since it's Joris Birthday!!
  9. KeNZo

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    Then you should have your midnight mayhem guild and show us how free pwnagedo is ;)
  10. KeNZo

    Pvp Event Vs Guilds

    Im in Probably our side would be, rayban, me, pwna, cer and crawling.
  11. KeNZo


    wtf, those were ur sets? *censored*ing sick
  12. KeNZo

    Game Update 27/09/2014

    yup, very2 nice boobs, i meant work!
  13. KeNZo

    Game Update 22/08/2014

    True i agree with that tho, at times, actually, sade time should not be changed. Just that goddamn aresdens have to wake up, every time b4 and after sade is when they are active. Now with the notifications there is no reason they wont know when sade is.
  14. KeNZo

    Game Update 22/08/2014

    I dont mind abt unbalance, but Sade is wayyy to unbalance, thursday and saturday sade is like AFK timezone for the 4-5 ares on. Yest me and pwnagedo, only 2 of us breaking shields, and fighting like 30+ elvs. Maybe adjust the sade time a little bit? like thursday sade, i had monitor ares starts to come on around 12am server time.
  15. KeNZo

    Who Says Nemesis Died?

    cant see shit lol, why the pic so small, my Avatar is bigger!