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  1. Shiffty

    Who’s coming back

    Who else is gonna make a return for this new server. Tried of Olympia’s talent system and bullshit.
  2. Shiffty


    combatant one more endu also i think. and heros also depending on upgrade They have the same endurance I just checked both have 1,000
  3. Shiffty


    They have 1000 endurance but it still seems very low especially for how low cape drops are and how much hammers strip. It is a cape after all.
  4. Shiffty


    Can we do something about capes? I understand they strip now because of pa capes(which it was fine before imo.) But they strip way to *censored*ing fast. Makes capes almost pointless, my cape is stripping like 5 swings from a bbh. Either needs more endurance or hammers not strip them, maybe make a different kind of weapon or something like shields. Maybe make axes from the back strip capes. Capes are already rare and just a shop cape i can't keep on for more than 5 mins of a fight.
  5. Shiffty


    Most people will probably want hero first, but I noticed no wands for eks? Was this meant to be or only spells for mages? Also how long do these corrupted items last?
  6. Shiffty


    I think the drop will be fine, to low of a drop will turn people off too. Most people that play this game now days are adults who have work and other things going on in life. I'm about to be 21 and I think i'm one of the youngest people who still play this game. As for hellfire I felt like that was the only way to hunt tbh. Mobs have so much ma here its hard to hunt much as a mage you are very limited. Especially if its a solo hunt or small group.
  7. Shiffty


    Maybe could tone down HF, It's damage was really high. I enjoyed it for hunting is why I asked, I always used esw more for pvp anyway.
  8. Shiffty


    I use fourms for every server I have ever played on, probably used this one the least because it's never been active for as long as I have played nemesis servers. I really like that idea to trade eks for corrupted items. That is something I think most people will enjoy. So you can PvP to stay geared with people. Great idea by you guys. If you don't mind me asking why is HF being removed. I can agree with the salvaging and enchanting, as that was a bit op for making items when you got the right stuff (used it alot in banana with 100%.)
  9. Shiffty


    Hype af for a actual HB server, Olympia isn't hb anymore. Will statted bbh and wiz cap/hat still be in the game? Also sad to see HF gone good spell does that mean sleep is gone too? Also what is the point of ek trade and lowered hero items? Seems counter productive and eks worth less
  10. Shiffty

    Anyone Playing?

    Is anyone still out there playing this server? Or any plans for a new server or update?
  11. Shiffty


    It was fixed, thank you!
  12. Shiffty


    Why can't I dye my boots?