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  1. JuggzAlright

    Hows Everybody Doing?

    Your kinda post number is appalling lmao A lot of things have changed since your days.
  2. JuggzAlright

    Trade Ice Storm Manual

    offer ice sword
  3. JuggzAlright


    Senju is just mad he cant beat me in pvp :D
  4. JuggzAlright

    Nemesis Pvp Event

    I have a suggestion for you, if you want more people to help you for this coding, stop by after crusades and heldenians. More players are on then than ever all week. I even have another clever solution/suggestion for you lol. One that pleases you and the players simultaneously You can set up an old school pvp event.... lets say a month from now. The ONLY people allowed you join the pvp event are those that have helped you test and spent time with you at least one hour or so before the date of the pvp event. You'll not only get more people to pitch in with the testing, while also promote the pvp event.
  5. JuggzAlright

    Nemesis Pvp Event

    Set up a small old school event. Throw the players that are playing at the moment a bone. We understand you're working on the coding for better pvp events. But it's been months since we have heard the same story. Just throw an ordinary pvp event, make it interesting by including items that don't change everyday play style. Maybe a dye, resurection wand ect. Us the players have been asking for quite a while now, considerate it. Just in the meantime while you get all the coding done. I know you're thinking that you'd rather spend those 4 hours figuring out the coding..... I'm not asking for you to have these old school pvp events every week or month. Just once, the server needs it. Please think about it
  6. JuggzAlright

    Selling Ie Sword

  7. JuggzAlright

    How's The Server Going?

    hahahaha best post all week.
  8. JuggzAlright

    Selling Ie Sword

    Selling ICE ELEMENTAL SWORD+3 PM offers
  9. JuggzAlright

    Ping And Fps Comparison

    Ping 0-30 FPS 120-180
  10. JuggzAlright

    Gms Please Make A Pvp Tournament Or A Fight

    Very good suggestions. I agree with all. And it wouldn't take much of your "coding time".
  11. JuggzAlright

    Heads Up #2: Pvp Tournament Beta

    What i don't understand is that if this is taking so long, why don't you organize a few old style PVP events in the mean time. Take people to the arena or set up some damn mana stones. You are losing all your players, and it seems like the GM's don't care. With the server at such a delicate state the GM's need to at least keep the few players that play entertained. You need someone on your staff that is engaged ingame. Sincerely, One of your few players left
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. JuggzAlright

    Ice Protection Neck, Pa30 Targe

    Dump, both items in auction house
  14. JuggzAlright

    Aresden Hero Cap Mage For Sale

  15. JuggzAlright

    Ice Protection Neck, Pa30 Targe

    Ice Protection Necklace and PA+30 Targe These two items are for sale, I'd consider an item trade but interested in USD a bit more. PM me if you want to make an offer on one or both at the same time. Thank you.