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    Ares Sc Pit

    yeah u see lots of players called d1 full heros ... :lol: seriously how can u see that has any relevance?
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    3rd City

  3. torana

    Old Schoolers?

    torana ,Grimhild and sabbath since 2000 , cant believe i still play HB lol, too many servers to bother mentioning ,have been known to play 2 or 3 servers at same time lol. torana ,Grimhild and sabbath since 2000 , cant believe i still play HB lol, too many servers to bother mentioning ,have been known to play 2 or 3 servers at same time lol.
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    i dig the idea of finishing skills in hb like alchemy and farming ,, but i dont think summons above ogre should be implemented(the uni would be a bit hard but demon parts arnt too hard to get)
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    closed <_<
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    More Fun At Lower Level!

    Ill add few things for ya here Nin Mules--- new players can ask a GM for items from a mule char this will provide low lvl rings necks and wepons/wands Alchemy and Manu parts --- ASK in global, if i see new players (or old) selling these i will buy all at 2x shop prices or above depending on quantity, i do offer zems for large amounts and i have frequently traded zems for 1k lots of coal recently. If a new player was to approach me with a decent amount of blonde bar or ant/snake parts ill even offer up items such as ms10 exp 20 wands ,mp shields or flam+3s ,df10s even dm1s,or ms10s. Been playing nemesis 1 year and u have 2 rare items with crappy stats are doing it wrong. -Hunt middle land on the week your town wins heldenian- capalize on the increased drop rate. -off weeks mine ,join dragon or wyv hunts, collect xlemia or merien stones CRAFT...CRAFT....CRAFT - trade zems for low mp items for your mage, if u show at a wyv hunt with ns armour and no shield u proberbly wont be asked again a few zems will see u in a mp 7,7,7 +shield 35-49 set and ms10 ( upgrade your dk wand to at least dk+8 for mana save) -pot up and ask for demon or gargoyle hunts (2 to 3 warrs) i gaurentee u will have a tradable BX or Gis within the month - each day when u log in run around middle land kill any ettins you find ( its not hard to learn where to find ettins!! they cant hide from me now) i have had about 6 statted BH drops in ml and i never let a MG go past - learn what to kill, some npcs are a complete waste of your precious time for example frogs,cannibal plants orcs,scorps... learn what drops what--- check every ms110 wand drop , a ms10 hp91 could see you into a dam nice trade rudys and hellhounds are good for berks,ogres and ww plates and chains --- this may shock you but stalkers drop some nice armours too. Pit bound npcs have some small routines ( its more years of experiance that uncovers these though). 1st rule of being new to server nice it will go a long way. hope these few points help a bit if u wish to ask more talk to me ingame.
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    Tp Commands

    o sorry wuts just rechecked post to see you actually suggested the sade prize idea hehehe o well good ideas all. :P
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    Tp Commands

    when i first read this i was thinking abt a serv i played, where as u entered toh 2 u actually entered toh3, if u wanted to goto toh2 u just ran back in the ent from toh 3 ........................... BUT then hunter smashed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!!! a prize for crusade winners !!!!!!!!!!!!! not just that its a great idea ill take ANY thing that makes more people play crusades :) i think the crusade is the best part of helbreath and a little prize would be great incentive for more people to participate.... ...if u wonder why i like sade so much well... its the team work the planning to destroy opp towms defence ... the mad rush to erect your base. (still gets me why people build 5 detectors in the center and 10 mana collectors lol 'but thats another thread!) then the tactical attack on the enemys base if needed the skill to gain eks in defence , or attack to gain eks , timing amps , watching for players taking damage whilst watching ur own *censored*... its just great and its what makes helbreath the number 1 MMORPG ever made imo . MASS fights 50++ warrs n mages going head to head ,madness,confusion and death !!! haha its great ,,, im hooked o yeah good idea hunter ,,, plz put it forward in the staff room.... just dont make it a heldenian prize
  9. what do u guys n gals think of this? If the Liche neck was to be made a ms20 item it would become a leet item ,with the current drop rate considered and difficulty to hunt liches , i really wouldnt see an issue. The stonegolem neck on the other hand is already out weighed by the merien neck and is still dam rare ,would be nice to see a slight increase in the drop rate of sg neck weather changed to df30 or not.
  10. torana

    Angels Need To Go.

    i would like to know if its the angel graphic ,or the angel equipped code, that causes the issue... i just cant see a little graphic causing so much issues... i think u will find its a code issue..... prehaps a suggestion would be for White to create a no graphic pak for vista users .. which would be avaliable on nemesis website and legal in server rules,trial that and see if its good..... in respect of all vista users if we wana keep playing helbreath in the next few years it may be wise to start looking at a vista friendly version being developed ))) :blush:
  11. torana

    Lichneck Ms20 Stone Golem Neck Df 30

    hehe well pocus i did find a pearl ball in my wh , lol i gave it away and found out whos it was later ))) lolz soz dude... but it was actually a combination of the current event and the thread made by ramz that got me thinking i should finally post my thoughts i have had since crafting was released all them years back. to fuel the fire... i also believe Beholder neck should be dropped ,and changed to a -activation- item ..... not a bad idea ehhh............. only downside is pass teh parcel but i guess that falls in the debate with ie xr etc
  12. torana

    Suggestions For Online Item Exchange

    wow between what you and white are doing this website is looking more pro than ANY game server ive ever played p2p or f2p... i really cant wait till you both get bored and start working on finishing helbreath "the way it was gonna be" of course )) my mind wanders to what we will all think of for blue grapes hahahahaha top work jappy , sing out if u need testers for the system when its in place
  13. torana

    Rep Hack...

    na they were banned for gaining reps... i wont describe how :) sounds from what he says here the guy instantly took like 50 reps ..... weird as id say hes using a 3rd party prog to multiply the -rep signal sent to server
  14. torana

    April Fool's Day Event

    sorry man i thought from what you said " "You can give the GM your items starting at 9am on April Fool's Day and ending at 9pm April Fool's Day." it was strictly in these 12 hours... so i didnt ask next time i will ) :D
  15. torana

    April Fool's Day Event

    would have been great to participate .... its way overdue that we push for a GM in the opposite time zone... even if a high level gm couldnt be appointed in our timezone, then a south pacific Gm could have checked items and made a list for Hunter to complete.. what do you say to this Hunter? i can think of some good trusty players that play gmt+10- 12 time zones like kotcha , vampyr ,segfault.... im sure theres more..
  16. ok the all time classic Im running twords ars lml and a guys sees me , i keep running cos im going to ml to scan for ettins, i have no intrest in a fight , im not set up for pvp or any sort of fight except npcs.. global pops up with "torana run +1" as i wait for the map change i sit there thinking..................................................................................................................................................... :rolleyes: i think the funny thing is ,, these guys are real humans,, and i have no doubt their brains work like this everyday in what ever they do... think about it , i challange you!! in the next few days when u meet people ,think what ones are really wanting to say ,jajaja noob ,pfm,recall,safe+1 when u meet him i bet you will laugh harder than you do when its a character in game
  17. torana

    Lost Items

    sad to see u go jin im sure we see more of u )) :P who is the guys in game name who stole items...(might save other people getting scammed later)
  18. torana

    Vote For Old Skool Wand Paks

    would u like a link to it?
  19. torana

    Bring Back Old Wand Packs!

    old wands
  20. torana

    Lewbowski's Comment

    what!! what was wrong with my asteroids consol!!im sure it had like 0.00001 mb of ram )) any way your only as old as your missus feels )) :lol:
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    Top job with uptime and server balance, also events .........thanks only gripe i have is the crusade time for the tuesday sade.. it was ok a few months back but after daylight savings it went crappy .. too late in evening i think in the southen pacific region we have a good 100 to 200 active players and having that crusade a couple of hours earlier would be good for us )) so in all i think u get a 99% rating as server admins ) :D
  22. torana

    Hero Cape

    cleanser pointed to it and Hamtam said it there was NO hero set just cape :lol: well i took Full Hero mage in hb inter like 30 hours after update and i didnt have a cape ...
  23. torana

    How To Boost Fps When Using Angels

    to fast , too small and in full screen too blurry your on the right track white dude. but if i wanted to use this id have to watch it 50 times and do a bit of guess work ) is there a way u can zoom in a bit and slow it down? :)
  24. torana

    Change Time Thursday Sade

    when the times were first changed i was happy ... now that tuesdays sade is 2 hours later for some reason ,i miss all sades again.. i wonder why the tuesday sade was made 2 hours later? :(
  25. torana

    Suggestions For Online Item Exchange

    bloody great idea jappy ,, right up my alley. -Trade log for keeping up with trades! Could be showing example, succeeded trades, failed trades and cancelations dunno is sky is hinting at a FEEDBACK style thing here , but i reackon it would be a good feature for personel as well as a feedback type thing, always nice to know if the person does alot of good trades or alot of crappy 1s