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    Lorraine-give Me Access Please

  2. torana


    bye bye ... and another 1 leaves :(
  3. torana

    Lorraine-give Me Access Please

    Yeah , maybe send her this link !! Password function is REALLY needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill add another PLEASE and my support for Hunter .. :excl: :excl: :excl:
  4. torana

    Fps Cap.

    sounds like somthing thatd be a nice feature wuta. was watching a few fights in ars today and they were nice and even well done godafther guild for nice clean fighting ,and nice to have adversaries that dont feel the need to drag the global channel chat down to gutter level. still a few hours left ....... shame about the start of the day with no sade but been a good day on server nether the less.. shame i was afk 95% of it
  5. torana

    The Server Is Going To Be Fine

    Out of all the things really needed in the updete PLEASE fix the password change function.
  6. torana

    Recruit Some Friends

    been there done that hehe wutafreek got me here and i brought several ppl, good thing all but 1 have stayed. :)
  7. torana

    Helclaw Event

    We ran a diagnostic of the download section. Here are the results: The speed is good (300kb/sec) File 01 The autoupdater isn't corrupted and is working properly File 02 The full game isn't corrupted and is working properly File 03 The .exe isn't corrupted and is working properly hey thanks hunter it was the full version i tried to d/l ... may have been a crappy connection my end that day ... nvm i should be right for DC now .. All is in working order and fine.
  8. torana

    Helclaw Event

    7 or 8 am server time would be perfect for thursday night ... could stretch to 9 am if i had too good work hunter .. hope my map packs are right now ,, i had to get them of nuts cos the server upload was crappy and just sent me corrupted files
  9. torana

    This Server Needs...

    what if u have no friends?lol jk mmm maybe 1 more gm would be good
  10. torana

    Icygirl No Manners

    mm not a good represintation for our guild , i shal be looking into the issue at guild level. :angry: