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    For Gm's

    i agree u did good work there ramz , i would expect farjat to say thanks as he made a special request for this. prehaps he has been busy latley cos i aint seen him much.
  2. torana

    Crusade Times

    yes would be nice to enjoy a crusade again ) gmt+10
  3. torana


    hehe happy bday man.. :P
  4. torana

    Do Something For This Game!

    2 issues i have at nemisis where new players are concerned crusade times heldinian time<< kinda hard as 2 heldinians are silly if the poll on sade times was ever followed up this would be nice south pacific players get a raw deal here 530 am is just silly time for a sade for me GMT + 12 prehaps even heldinian could be sth time 1 week nth time 1 week?
  5. Im not 100% sure what happened at todays crusade On my Guildmasters character ,all that i kno is that it has been banned for 1 week. Due to the fact that there are NO crusades in my time zone GMT+12 ,i had entrusted a guildsman to log in my Gm character during sade . Until today noone had done anything stupid on my character and i thought they had shown respect to continue using my Gm to help my guild enjoy the game. Before anyone says that you shouldnt share your accounts , think how my guild would feel if they couldnt participate in the crusade fully .And i will continue to entrust other members of my guild with this access. Farjat has my full support in placing this ban on the character and i will ensure that the pw is changed and hope such stupid things do not occur in the future.. I apologise to elvine and the GM team and Admins for any issues this has caused. Torana . (EX inter if u wondered). EDIT seems i had been lied to ,as to whom was on my gm char during sade,,, is there any way GM can tell me who was on the char during the sade ? there is only 4 players with the access incl myself,,and the password was renewed only 2 days ago.
  6. torana

    Droplist Problems

    im certian ive had a zem as 1st drop from tw as its fairly std 1st drop how about having ogre rings as say a 1 in 100 drop from Tw thatd be really nice and help economy for trades )
  7. torana

    Crusade Times

    4 am server time is perfect for australia /malaysia/ singapore.. so im guessing 7 am server time would be about 10 pm AEST so thats just as good ....or 5 am to 6 am to be spot on
  8. torana

    Open Discussion On How To Fix Crafters.

    Who exactly are you with your 8 million posts? In your topic you speak as though crafting is 1 big skill , with alchemy and manu all wrapped into 1 skill. Alchemy- Is a skill that was never finished in helbreath ,the devs seemed to be more intrested in developing the heldenian and the ancient slates to try save their dying game at the time( lol lack of admin was the real issue).. but anyway.. on topic If some 1 had the time and the coding skills to finish this skill it would be great for any server-ESP NEM... this involves- - coding the new potions into the sorce and testing them -desiging new paks to compliment the new potions(hb already has several potions coverd by 1 silly little green pot) -and the creativity to decide what potions could improve the game,remebering that these are potions made by a alchmest ,and once the player has 100% skill they can be made in any volume depending of difficuilty of parts sourcing. The farming skill (also unfinished ) ties directly into this alchemy unfinished project ..... ginseng + demon meat + unicorn meat and 1 slime jelly might make an unpara potion for example mushroom + ogre meat + gold fish might make an amp potion 10 secs Manufacturing- I believe to be a almoast complete skill ,in the mindset of the helbreath as it was ment to be played theme that nemisis is trying to uphold. adding magic gems or any attributes to this as i have seen in other servers just detracts form the enjoyment of finding any low stated rare armours and will help to ruin a economic server.Viva el presidente! prehaps any small additions to this skill could be a manu version of the direction bow with nice endurance at the price of 1 mith bar and 1 mith or a Manu tower shield that costs alot of mithirils Crafting- seriously i think this skill is fine as it is ,the rewards from alot of effort are not overpowered and are acheviable. if there was any modifications to this skill without killing it maybe adding items to be crafted like ROM+3(ud wanna make that hard!) or sapphire ring +3 could be considered.... my 2 cents . im not to sure how keen the admins here really are on changing hb at all , as alot of old ppl used to say "if its not broken ,why fix it!" consider the down time bugs and issues on servers that have coded mods on their servers.... ofc any modification is a good 1 if throughly tested on test servers..
  9. torana

    Please Read And Translate

    a little somthing for the guys that play in gmt +10 times would be nice Hunter...... for us the held/sades are at like 7 am heldinian being 7am on a monday morning 8-(
  10. torana

    Server Down Again

    Be warned any 1 that does decide to go to net over gays server u will reciceve this trojan Dropper.Delf.ajo just a stupid little trojan but it will give sango remote access to ur pc ,, if u have been silly enough to d/l his client then just google a fix 8-) :ph34r: :lol: :excl:
  11. torana

    Server Down Again

    well shit im pissed off now :angry:
  12. torana

    Serv Down

    Farjat it is definatly sango doing this he has been doing it to HBLux for the last 3 weeks also and i believe HB Oblivion also. want some pay back ... he is using a trialware version of a anti hack software on his server to avoid paybacks ... simply contact the owner if that software and inform them that he is using their software and when he is forced to remove it ... payback time ))) hehehehe :ph34r:
  13. torana

    Players Who Donate To The Ma Program

    my name also does not appear there )
  14. torana


    grimhild is actually my mages name grim, and i have used that name for my mage since beta 8-) its just a bit whored now that i had to make a new Guildmaster char after the update. as for 100% magic on a mage i think by the time u have 112 int and 100+ lvl u cast like ur 100% skill any way , so then u just train to lvl 18o0 and by then ull be 100% skill if not then wisp me ingame and ill send u a nice lill macro u can train ur skill with ... NOT afk ofc :P manu 100% wins all time boring *censored* longwinded *censored* of a skill .
  15. torana

    Aresden Or Elvine

    just go arsden .. ok
  16. torana

    Issue With Server

    :wub: Top job Knackers!!!!
  17. torana

    The Hdd Is Full Again

    as above forgive me if wrong place :P
  18. torana

    Password Fix And More Gms

    excuse me if this is in the wrong section. seeing as admins are about today id like to get their attention to these 2 matters. pw fix.. speaks for its self.. on the matter of a couple more GM chars .. i realise that the server is quiet and we dont want too many gm chars . in the past i have found that if there is active gm chars online as much as possible then players feel more comfortable and seem to stick around( i feel for them some of the stupid questions the have to answer) not to mention small events and stuff, really missing hunters efforts in this dept.. any answer would be appreciated.
  19. torana

    Helbreath Nemesis Version 4.30

    i actually need the pw change on my manu char,, have been waiting for like 2 months. but whats worse is that the person on whiterose convinced heaps of new players to share accounts with him, so theres like half a dozen people needing there passwords changed
  20. torana

    Helbreath Nemesis Version 4.30

    Good stuff peeps. prob the moast important thing needing fixing for moast of the peeps i kno is the password changer... any chance this could be next on the fix list now... :P
  21. torana

    Full Hero Blizz Mage In Elv

    well u need to find him and ban him huh.... makes the rest of u look bad. :P
  22. torana

    Full Hero Blizz Mage In Elv

    need me to name the mame chars they use? god father guild have been using these chars as spys /lamers for agers... funny thing was they say ... lol its not even 80 lvl ..( theres a few of them ). ooo they think we are stupid .. lame all ur eks b4 80 lvl then grab some levels ... kaplow full hero..... shame on damination for hanging with these guys ... 8-) really i dont care ........ lame all u want just makes u more fun to pvp ..
  23. torana

    Who Has Cancellation Now?

    ppl are killing hundreds of cyc everyday atm... :P
  24. torana

    Maby Try Things A Different Way

    heya speedy where ya been............ :ph34r:
  25. torana

    Happy Birthay Hunter

    Happy belated Birthday !!! B) :rolleyes: :blink: :D :lol: :ph34r: